How to Make Sneakers White Again: Making Old Yellow Sneakers Look New

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I often get asked to make sneakers white again, and I’m here to show you just that with my quick and efficient tutorial! You can definitely clean white sneakers at home and make them look new again.

All you need are a few products that I’ve listed below. Are you ready to eliminate that pesky yellow hue from your soles and sneakers? Let’s start.

Tools and materials:

Using a magic eraser sponge to clean the sneakers

1. Use the magic eraser sponge

The first step is to dip your magic sponge in a bowl of clean water. Then, scrub along the sole of the sneaker until it’s clean. This should get rid of the black marks and dirt that’s deposited in the crevices. 

Using the magic eraser on scuff marks

Also, feel free to use the magic eraser on any scuff marks you see on the upper part of the sneaker. 

Applying Sole Bright with a toothbrush

2. Use Sole Bright

Dunk your old toothbrush in the Sole Bright bottle and start applying it to the sole. Ensure to apply light and even coats around the sole. This is a crucial step when it comes to making sneakers white again. 

Tip: Don’t forget the bottom of the sole, too! 

Wrapping the sneakers in plastic wrap

3. Wrap your soles

Put plastic wrap on the soles of the sneakers. This will preserve the soles and keep them nice and bright at the end. 

Leaving the sneakers in the sun

4. Leave in the sun

Leave your sneakers out in the sun, as shown. You’re going to want to do multiple sessions of this. So, leave them out for 30-40 minutes per session. 

Tip: Be careful not to leave them out for too long because the glue could melt. 

Washing the sneakers with cold water

5. Repeat

Before reapplying the Sole Bright, wash with cold water. 

How to make white sneakers white

Here are the results after one session. Pretty neat, huh?

Make white sneakers white again

Repeat the process; applying sole bright, leaving the sneaker out in the sun, and washing off the product after. 

How to whiten sneakers at home

Here are the results after the second session. It comes out brighter every time. You can repeat the process if desired; however, this depends on how yellowed your soles are. 

How to make sneakers white again

Session three results - they look as good as new! 

Sneakers before and after whitening

How to make sneakers white again

So, this is how you make sneakers white again! As you can see, after a couple of sessions, the sneakers look amazing! They look almost brand new compared to the yellow version.

I hope you found my tutorial on how to whiten sneakers useful. Thanks for joining me, and good luck. 

Suggested materials:
  • Angelus Sole Bright
  • Plastic wrap
  • Old toothbrush
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  • Shirley Shirley on Mar 19, 2022

    Where can l purchase the Angelus Sole Bright ,I have not been able to find any!!! Thank you.

    • Jinxx Jinxx on Mar 28, 2022

      Amazon, Michaels or Joanne’s but not in stores; you have to order it.

  • Debra Burnett Debra Burnett on Mar 19, 2022

    how someone so young knows this..just asking