How to Do Super Cute Rose Embroidery on Canvas Shoes

Sarah Vanderkooy
by Sarah Vanderkooy
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Let’s dress up these plain, white canvas shoes with some rose embroidery designs. If you don’t know how to embroider on shoes, this quick tutorial is for you. Let's get started.

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Tools and materials:

  • White canvas sneakers
  • Pencil
  • Needle 
  • Embroidery floss in a few colors (for flowers) and green (for leaves)
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
Plain canvas shoes

1. Sketch the design

Draw three circles and two leaves with a pencil. 

Sketching design

2. Begin sewing

Thread a needle and double the embroidery floss back just a couple of inches, then at the very end, tie a knot. 

Embroidery floss

To begin sewing, poke the needle through the center of one of the circles, from the inside of the shoe, then pull the string all the way through.

Complete one stitch toward the edge of the circle, like this:


3. Sew a 5-point star

Sew a 5-pointed star using the outside of the circle as a guide.

Sewing a 5-point star

4. Sew a rose

Now that you have all 5 points, bring the needle back up through the center and weave the stitches around the center of the star.

Essentially, you should take the needle under one of those points, not through the canvas, but just under the embroidery floss.

Then, switch off going over and under the next points. (See video 0:24 - 0:50)

Sewing a rose

Continue that over-under pattern until you’ve filled the entire circle, covering all the spokes of the star.

Then, you should have a beautiful rose, like this one:

Embroidered rose

To finish up the rose, pull your needle through the center, back down through the canvas to the inside of the shoe, snip off the end and tie.

Repeat this same technique for the other two rose circles in a few different colors.

Embroidered roses

5. Fill in the leaves

With your green thread, sew a satin stitch to fill in the leaves. It’s a simple, back and forth stitch.

Start by coming up through the inside, then back down on the other side of the leaf. If you’re unfamiliar, see the video 1:30 - 1:55.

Stitching the leaves

It’s turning out really beautifully. I decided to add one more, smaller rose to the composition. Tweak yours as you see fit.

Sewing roses

Here’s how the embroidery looks from the inside:

Progress shot

6. Seal with Mod Podge

On the reverse side of the embroidery, paint over the thread with modge podge.

Start with one light coat, let it dry and then go back and add a couple more. This will ensure that the strings and knots stay in place, even when you put the shoes on and take them off. 

Sealing with Mod Podge

Rose embroidery

Now you have some really cute, custom embroidered shoes! These beginner stitches are easy enough for everyone to try. 

Completed rose embroidered shoes

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to embroider your own shoes, I hope this tutorial has inspired you to upgrade your own with rose embroidery.

Show us your results in the comments below!

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Suggested materials:
  • White canvas sneakers
  • Pencil
  • Needle
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