9 Cute Short Bob Hairstyles That Are Low-Maintenance & Easy to Do

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In this hairstyle guide, I’m going to show you some short bob hairstyles. We all know that when you have long hair, there are many different ways you can style it, here I’m going to prove to you that the same is true for short hair!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair slides
  • Headband
  • Hair clips
  • Hair tie
  • Curling iron
  • Comb
  • Hairspray
Adding simple hair slides to hair

1. Simple sides

For this first style, I started off by creating a side parting. I then combed down my hair on one side and sprayed it to ensure that it would be nice and flat.

Then, to create this pretty look, I added three hair slides. We have two identical gold ones, which I crossed over to create a funky appearance, and a gold slide with a pearl on it to finish it off.

Short layered bob hairstyles

2. High twist

Keeping the side parting, I took the hair at the front of my head and twisted it all together until about halfway down the length of my hair. Then I clipped it into place on the top of my head.

Short curly bob hairstyles

This is such an easy go-to look.

Wearing a statement headband

3. Statement headband

You can never go wrong with a statement headband. The one I’m wearing here has on it pearls in lots of different sizes, bigger ones in the middle and then smaller ones towards the sides.

There are so many different statement headbands out there - find one that you love!

Braiding the front section of hair

4. Tucked braid

For this hairstyle, I took a section of hair from the front of my head and clipped the rest back to keep it out of the way. Then I braided the front section all the way down to the bottom.

Pinning a small braid behind the ear

To finish the look, I pinned the braid into place behind my ear. With the back part of my hair let down, the bottom part of the braid is now hidden.

Doing a French braid with a section of hair

5. Thick braid

For this look, I created a thick French braid down one side of my hair. I decided to do it on the other side of my head than the one I usually go for when I’m creating an asymmetric look, to change things up a bit.

Clipping the braid part way down the hair

Once I had braided my hair until about ¾ of the way down my hair, I clipped it down at the back of my head with a gorgeous big gold clip.

Clipping stud clips to hair

6. Scattered studs

For the next style, I kept the same braid in place as before but switched out the statement clip for a simple one and made sure that my hair covered the bottom of the braid.

Then, I scattered some beautiful stud-like clips across the braid.

Adding clips to a braid

This is such a fun look!

Braiding sections of hair

7. Braids on both sides

For this look, I started by making a braid down one side.

Curling a short bob

I then braided the other side of my hair as well and once done, I took a curling iron and curled the front sections on either side.

How to style a short bob

I love that this style has the double element of both the braids and the curled hair at the front.

Low-maintenance short bob hairstyles

My parting is to one side, but other than that, the style is the same on both sides.

Separating hair into a half ponytail

8. Red ribbon

Next up, I separated my hair as shown and then tied it up into a half ponytail.

Tying a red ribbon around the half ponytail

I created the look by keeping a section of hair out on either side and then incorporating it into the ponytail. You can see exactly how I did this by watching the video (1:56-2:08).

I finished off the hairstyle by tying a red ribbon around the ponytail. Who doesn’t love a red ribbon from time to time?

Short bob hairstyles

9. Bun 2.0

Last but not least, I sectioned off my hair again, keeping the bottom bit down and tying the top part into a bun. I’ve called this look ‘bun 2.0’ because it is so much more than just a bun.

I made the bun messy to give it a more trendy look and also pulled out my hair at the top a bit to make it look more loose and textured. I then finished the look off with these gorgeous pearl clips.

Short bob hairstyles

There we have a whole selection of low-maintenance short bob hairstyles for you to try at home.

If that doesn’t prove to you that there are a lot of options out there for girls with short hair, I don’t know what will! Let me know which hairstyle was your favorite in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Hair slides
  • Headband
  • Hair clips
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