Turn Some Frumpy Jean Shorts Into a Hip Distressed Asymmetrical Skirt

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3 Hours

I recently saw a super cool jean skirt online. It was asymmetrical and distressed, and I was really into it. I could have bought it, or I could have made it myself. I’m sure you can guess which route I chose to take. Check out this tutorial and be sure to watch the video to see how you can take a pair of baggy long shorts and turn them into this really cool skirt.

Tools and materials:

  • Long jean shorts
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Sewing clippers
  • Pencil
  • Tweezers
  • Sewing machine
Jean skirt
Deconstruct your shorts

Start off by deconstructing your skirt. Use a seam ripper to open up the bottom seams, then cut up the inside seams of the legs. 

Blue jean skirt
Overlap the pant legs

Pin the now-open left pant leg onto the right one and use a pencil to trace the overlap. Then cut out the parts on the right leg that are under the left leg where they overlap, and sew the sides together. Be sure to watch the video if you want a visual of how to do this.

DIY jean skirt
Cut the front of the shorts

Cut open the front of the shorts, separating the pant legs, then overlap them, right on top of left, and pin them down. Now take your pencil again and trace where they overlap, then cut where you traced on the left leg. Now sew the two sides together. 

Jean skirt refashion
Sew a buttonhole

Sew a new buttonhole on the waistband, and a new button on the other side so that the skirt will have a tighter and asymmetrical fit. I chose to use a different colored button to add some contrast.

Distressed jean skirt
Create the distressed look

Cut a snip about halfway down the right side of the skirt and use tweezers to pull out vertical threads. Keep pulling until you’re left with a distressed look. Then take another section and do the same, and keep doing it in sections. To see how I did this, watch the video, starting at minute 2:41.  

Asymmetrical jean skirt
Create the asymmetrical look

Next, open up the skirt horizontally at the end of the distressed part you just made. Trim the edges of the cuts and sprinkle that on the distressed part, then cut open the exposed threads. Cut strips into the fabric and pull the threads as you do. Do this on both sides. Trim off the ends when you’re done, then wash and dry your new skirt.

Asymmetrical distressed skirt

I’m really happy with the way this dress came out. I think it looks really similar to ones you can buy that are really expensive and I think it’s the perfect mix of adorable with a little edge. I definitely plan to wear this a lot, and I’m so happy with how this project came out! What do you think? Would you rather buy one or make this skirt? Let me know in the comments section! 

Suggested materials:
  • Long jean shorts
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
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