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Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
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30 Minutes

Hello Almost Spring! Hello Linen!

First a Pattern. Simple. An Elastic Waist.

No Zippers. No Constructed Waistbands. No Buttons.

Just Keep it Simple!

You Can Do This. Easy. Remember...It's All About the Fabric.

Simple Lines + Fabulous Fabric = TaDah!!

Hello Gene!

First you need a pattern. We're Going to Make Our Own Pattern.

I'm using the Gene Doll for Demonstration.

The pattern has only 4 pieces. All the same size.

For Us, a Sheet of Butcher Block Paper works Great.

For Gene, I used a Notepad.

The Paper needs to be large enough to Cover Your Skirt Area.

Hold the Paper and Measure either side of your waist.

Mark the Paper.

Leave about a 2" allowance for the Seams.

Connect the dots.

The Top (Waist) and Bottom (Hem) should have a Slight Curve.

After All, We're Much Curvy than Gene.

The 4 cut equal pieces are the Front and Back of the Skirt.

2 pieces will become the Front of the Skirt. With a Front Seam.

2 pieces will become the Back of the Skirt. With a Back Seam.

Cut Out 4 pieces. All the Same Size.

Measure the Length. For the Width and Length, Cover the Front of Your Body.

Cut 4 pieces. Sew Front Seam. Sew Back Seam. Sew Side Seams.

Once I learned to sew French Seams, I never looked back.

Very professional. No unsightly frayed seams. Perfect.

To Sew French Seams: Place Right Sides of Fabric Together. Sew One Side. Trim to sew line (above). Flip the fabric so Wrong Sides are Showing. Sew the side seam again on wrong side of fabric. You've created a French Seam. Voila!

Sew the 4 Pieces Together.

The 2 front pieces for the Front of the Skirt.

The 2 back pieces for the Back of the Skirt.

Then Sew the Sides.

Next, Fold up the Bottom of the skirt for the Hem.

Pin and Sew.

The skirt is coming together.

The Final Step. The Waist: Fold Over the Top.

Sew a Channel to fit the size of the elastic. Insert Elastic.

Elastic - Amazon LINK.


Linen to Wear Now with a Cozy Winter White Sweater.

Turtleneck High/Low Sweater. Amazon LINK.

Oatmeal Linen Fabric. Amazon LINK.

Swishy and Fun!

Same Pattern. For Spring in a Printed Black/White Linen.

With Classic White Tee.

Still Fun!!!

Linen Fabric. Amazon LINK.

Now wasn't that FUN! icon

Suggested materials:
  • Linen Fabric - Oatmeal   (Amazon)
  • Line Fabric - Black/White print   (Amazon)
  • Elastic   (Amazon)

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Doodle T and Me!
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