DIY Ruffle Wrap Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Sew Much Love Mary
by Sew Much Love Mary

This outfit was actually my Thanksgiving outfit, but I'm barely just posting the sewing tutorial for this skirt. That's life, right? November and December always go by way too fast, probably because of all of the end of the year festivities. (Christmas is in a week!)

I actually made this skirt the night before Thanksgiving, so I didn't take any photos since it was dark. I made another one and took photos of the process. The first time I made a wrap skirt was when I made my Anchor Print Wrap Skirt using a pattern. I didn't want to use a pattern this time, mostly because I had one night to make it hehe. I did some quick research online and played around with the fabric and ended up making this wrap skirt with no pattern.


This gorgeous crushed velvet is from Mily Mae Fabrics. I seriously get all of my velvet from Amanda's shop. Not only is the selection beautiful, but also affordably priced. This is listed as "nude," but it has a pinkish tone to it, which I absolutely love. Also, the weight is nice for skirts, since it is not super thin that I would have to wear a slip underneath.


I linked some options for my outfit below. I couldn't find my top in the same color since I found mine at TJ Maxx. I literally walked into the store and immediately saw it. I don't normally go for brighter colors, but this one was too cute to pass up! I got my hat at Amazon, but I linked the one I was planning on getting from Forever 21. I just got mine on Amazon, because I was feeling impatient and it was a Prime item. :)


1. First, you're going to cut all your pieces. Fold your fabric in half. To make this skirt, you are going to be cutting out a half circle and a half. (Because you need an overlap since it is a wrap skirt). This means your waist radius (the pink line) will be calculated like this:


Mine was 26" + 13" = 39"

Check out my DIY Tulle Circle Skirt Tutorial

For the RUFFLE piece, you probably won't get a continuous piece cut out, since it'll be long. You can divide it and cut it in multiple pieces. Use the measurement from STEP 5 and add 50". You can add more, depending on how ruffle-y (technical sewing language, hehe) you want your piece. The length is up to you. I cut my ruffle piece 6".

For the WAISTBAND piece, subtract one inch from your waist measurement. The width of the waistband is up to you, and will depend on the width of your elastic. I cut mine 2 1/2" wide, since my elastic was 3/4" wide. When I use 1" elastic, I cut my waistband 3" wide.

For the ELASTIC, I cut it 2" - 4" shorter than my waist measurement, depending on how stretchy my elastic is. This time around I subtracted 4", so my elastic piece was 22", because my elastic was very stretchy.


For now, let's focus on the skirt piece.

This is how it looks like when your skirt piece is cut out and folded in half:

2. Now, put your arrange your skirt so that there is a piece of overlap in the front.

Close up:

3. Next, draw a curved line as shown below. It doesn't have to be exactly as shown, just as long as it's a curve.

4. Then, cut along this line. Now you have a wrap skirt!

5. Extend your skirt piece out. It should look something like this. Measure all along the pink dots.


6. Next, you're going to sew your ruffle piece.

As mentioned at the beginning, you probably didn't get to cut one continuous piece (unless you're making a little girl's skirt).

Sew all your pieces together to make one continuous piece. Hem your piece as well. For the grey skirt, I left a raw serged edge, because it was a more casual skirt. For the crushed velvet skirt, I did a hem with a double needle. Then, sew a gathering stitch on top. If your fabric is a little thicker (like my pink crushed velvet), I recommend gathering in sections, since the ruffle piece is long and the gathering stitches might break or not gather as well. For the grey skirt, I used one continuous gathering stitch, since it was a lightweight jersey.

7. Gather your ruffle piece to match the measurement from Step 5. It will look like this when pinned to the skirt. (Pin right sides together!)

Close up:

QUICK TIP: If there is a little extra amount after you pinned, simply chop it off.

(It's easier than pinning all over again, and this won't affect the outcome).

This is how it looks like when the ruffle piece is sewn to the skirt piece.

8. Finish the seam of the side that is a straight line.

I serged this side.


9. Arrange your skirt how you did so in Step 2. It's easier to visualize & arrange this time, since the skirt is almost done.

10. Sew a basting stitch on the front and overlap piece of the skirt. This will keep those two layers together.

11. Cut out your elastic and sew it closed.

12. Cut out your waistband piece with measurements as shown below.

Then, sew it closed.

13. Fold it in to make a waistband.

14. Place your elastic inside the waistband.

15. You will need to stretch it and adjust it a bit, since the elastic is smaller than the waistband.

16. Mark the front, back, and two sides.

17. Mark the front, back, and two sides on your skirt as well.

Match each point to each other and pin.

18. Then, stretch your waistband and pin to the skirt between each of the points.

And there you have it, a new ruffle wrap skirt!

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Sew Much Love Mary
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