How to Make a No Sew Tutu - DIY Fluffy Tutu Skirt With Tulle

2 Materials
30 Minutes

All girls adore tutu skirts, that’s a well-known fact. After seeing this tutorial, you will also feel like that because you’ll learn how to make one for your little princess in no time!

This project is one of those that require minimum sewing skills and effort, so it’s easily one of the favorites for us sewing enthusiasts. It’s like a small break from using the sewing machine, but it still produces a wonderful result.

Now get ready to surprise your kid and give her a brand new tutu that'll make her feel like a fairytale character!

Step 1: Do some easy math

Before cutting, you will need to decide how long you want the skirt to be. Double that number and add three inches to it.

E.g. If you want the skirt 10 inches long, then 2 x 10 +3 inches = 23 inches

icon If you are not very good with math, I have a free calculator for you HEREicon

Step 2: Fold the tulle

Take a piece of extra-wide tulle and fold it in half three times. Cut it out into two, eight-layer pieces measuring the number you previously calculated in length.

(in our case, this is 2 eight layer pieces, each 25 inches long)

Unfold the tulle and fold it in half along its length. Then fold it along the other side.

Step 3: Cut the tulle

Cut that fabric piece into four-inch wide strips (in our example these are 4" x 25" strips). Repeat these steps with the second eight-layer piece.

Step 4: Prepare the elastic

Cut out a piece of elastic in the length of the intended skirt wearer’s waist measurements.

Sew or glue the elastic ends together.

Slide the elastic over something round so that it’s not too loose.

Step 5: Wrap the tulle pieces over the elastic

Take a tulle strip, keep it folded in half, wrap it over the elastic. To secure it in place, pull the loose ends through the fold and tighten. This knot is known as the girth hitch, by the way.

Repeat the process with all of the remaining tulle strips, placing them next to each other around the entire waistband.

The tutu skirt is finished!

Was I right, did you love this project? I sure hope you did! Feel free to check out our other articles over at if you want to do some sewing after you make this adorable skirt. And leave your feedback in the comments below, we value your thoughts and suggestions!

Suggested materials:
  • Tulle
  • 2" wide elastic

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