2 Easy Squid Game Costume Ideas You Can Create With Thrifted Clothes

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Have you watched Squid Game on Netflix? Well, it's one of the biggest and easiest trends for Halloween costumes, so I thought I'd have a go at some DIY Squid Game costume ideas with a trip to the thrift store.

The great thing about these Squid Game costumes is that they're sustainable; you can wear the clothing all year long or style it into future costumes.

Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Orange sleeveless dress
  • Yellow crew-neck shirt
  • White knee socks
  • Black pump shoes
  • Green tracksuit
  • White duct tape
  • Chunky white runners
Black shoes for the doll costume

1. Take a trip to your thrift store

I scoured my local thrift store and found great items for my Squid Game Halloween costumes, starting with these black pumps for the creepy doll costume.

Orange dress and yellow shirt for the Squid Game costume

I also found a plain orange dress and yellow crew-neck top for the doll costume.

Green tracksuit for the Squid Game costume

A pair of green jogging pants and a green zip-up jacket will be the base for my Squid Game tracksuit costume.

DIY Squid Game costume costume

DIY Squid Game doll costume

Wear the yellow crew-neck shirt under the orange dress. Add white knee socks and those black pumps and you’ve recreated the Squid Game doll.

Squid Game costume player tracksuit with number

DIY Squid Game player tracksuit

Since I couldn’t find a whole green tracksuit at the thrift store, I needed to make some alterations to the pieces I did find.

First, use ½-inch-wide white duct tape to make the number symbol on the upper-right front of the jacket.

Duct tape stripes down the side of the tracksuit

Use the same duct tape to make white stripes down the side of the track pants and on the shoulders of the jacket.

Chunky white runners for the costume

And add some chunky white runners to complete this Squid Game Halloween costume.

More DIY Squid Game costumes

Of course, there are other characters from the show you may want to dress up as. For more Squid Game costume ideas, check out tutorials on how to make a Squid Game player tracksuit, how to make a DIY Squid Game guard costume, or how to make a DIY Squid Game VIP mask.

DIY Squid Game costume ideas

DIY Squid Game costume ideas

That’s how you make trending costumes that hardly cost anything and take very little work!

Hang on to your thrift store pieces to restyle into different costumes or integrate into your wardrobe.

But in the meantime, join the trend with your Squid Game Halloween costumes, and leave me a comment to let me know how you liked these ideas.

Suggested materials:
  • Orange sleeveless dress
  • Yellow crew-neck shirt
  • White knee socks
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