How to Make a DIY Squid Game VIP Mask in 4 Quick & Easy Steps

by Janel
4 Materials
30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’ll be creating a DIY Squid Game VIP mask based on the leopard VIP character in the popular Netflix show. Like other Squid Game costumes, this one was really easy to make. I only really needed to make the leopard mask, which didn’t take long and only cost me around $5.

If you’re planning a Squid Game Halloween costume this year, then follow along with this DIY tutorial. Or, take a look at my other tutorials on Squid Game DIY costumes for the other characters: How to Make a DIY Squid Game Tracksuit and How to Make a DIY Squid Game Guard Red Suit and Mask.

Let’s get started on this DIY Squid Game VIP mask!

Tools and materials:

  • Cat mask
  • Puffy clay
  • Skewer
  • Gold spray paint
Applying puffy clay to the cat mask

1. Apply clay to the mask

Mold the puffy clay onto the cat mask, using an image of the Squid Game VIP leopard mask as a reference. 

Making fangs for the leopard VIP mask

Build the mask out, making the cheeks a little wider and adding details such as fangs. However, the main purpose of applying clay is so we can add texture later on, so that it looks like the mask from the show.

Puffy clay is really easy to work with. It’s incredibly light, which means the mask won’t be heavy when you wear it. When it dries, it doesn’t crack, and actually dries really quickly. I really like working with this type of clay.

Drawing texture on the mask with a skewer

2. Add texture to the mask

Next, I used a skewer to add texture to the mask. You want to do this quickly, as this type of clay does dry fast. It’s kind of a crosshatch pattern.

Spray painting the Squid Game VIP mask gold

3. Spray paint the mask gold

Finally, spray paint the mask gold.

Adding a tie to the VIP leopard mask

4. Add ribbon or elastic

If your cat mask doesn’t have any ties, then add ribbon or elastic to the mask.

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How to make a Squid Game mask

Easy VIP guest Squid Game costume DIY

DIY Squid Game VIP mask

DIY Squid Game VIP mask tutorial

To finish off the DIY Squid Game VIP costume, you could wear a suit or a robe, as the leopard VIP does.

There are lots of other animals you can pick: bear, deer, eagle, owl, bull, and lion. But, I think the leopard is the easiest because cat masks are quite easy to get. Besides, the leopard VIP has a bigger role in Squid Game.

I hope you enjoyed this super-easy DIY Squid Game VIP mask tutorial. Let me know what you think of my Squid Game costume DIYs and happy Halloween!

Suggested materials:
  • Cat mask
  • Puffy clay
  • Skewer
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