7 of the Hottest 2024 Fashion Trends

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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Here, I’m going to share with you some top 2024 fashion trends.

While it's important to build our wardrobes around classic, timeless pieces that remain stylish regardless of trends, incorporating current trends can add a touch of modernity to our look.

Let me show you what will be hot this year!

90s revival look

1. 90s revival

Slim glasses, business shirts, and black suits define this workwear-inspired 90s revival trend, but it goes way beyond the office in 2024.

The signature, minimalist, business-casual style that was on-trend is back, and it has a sleek, no-fuss, slightly androgynous, and straight-edged finish.

It is incredibly wearable and easy yet effective.

Pretty flats

2. Pretty flats 

Thank goodness comfort has played a big role in fashion in recent years and will continue to reign supreme in 2024. 

Pretty flats

I like styling ballet flats by embracing the feminine vibe completely and pairing them with a beautiful dress for those days when I’m feeling extra special.

Pretty flats

Alternatively, you can go for a nostalgic 90s-inspired preppy bourgeois style with a ruffle blouse and beautifully tailored cropped pleated pants.

Pretty flats

Lastly, you can pair your flats with a sculptured, double-breasted silhouette and full skirt.

3. Black suits

I couldn’t be happier with this trend. There's nothing more classic than a black suit. 

When it comes in a formal trend, you can rest assured there will be a very nice and modern twist which is the most appealing thing about it.

Black suit

A blazer has always been synonymous with timeless feminine elegance and their extreme versatility. 

4. Full-denim

Did you think that the fever of the 2000s was going to subside? Wrong. This trend will see you wearing denim in a maximalist way.

Full-denim look

Think of sculptured denim dresses.

Full-denim look

Also, oversized trench coats.

Full-denim look

Cargo skirts.

Full-denim look

And including a not-so-humble double denim for maximal impact. It's up to you whether to go for the total look or to wear it in small doses.

Lifetime accessories

5. Lifetime accessories

Fashion hardware in 2024 will be more classic than the previous years.

It will also be more feminine and definitely a crucial part in the perfect wardrobe - nobody can argue with that.

Lifetime accessories

You’ll be seeing broaches and chains more elegant than ever before.

While in the past, metal adornments felt harsh and overly industrial, now these metallic embellishments are set to be more decorative and feminine.

Lifetime accessories

Gleaming gold jewelry in the form of rings and bracelets will add a touch of polish to your outfit.

Preppy style

6. Preppy style

A big comeback is the preppy, athletic styling. This year’s trend is the polo shirt - an icon of preppiness that was revived and given a summer camp vibe.

Preppy style

It is a style that perfectly encapsulates an understated maximalism.

Maxi skirt

7. Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts pair really well with any fitted top, such as rib knits or plain t-shirts, and they especially look great with tops that have padded shoulders.

Maxi skirt

Pairing a maxi skirt with a classic pinstripe fitted blazer also fits nicely into the '90s office aesthetic that’s on trend right now.

2024 fashion trends

So these are the trends that I will incorporate in my own personal wardrobe that I think will enliven it, expand it, and allow me to create outfits that highlight my personal style.

I hope that some of the 2024 trends resonated with you and you’ll try styling them for yourself!

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