90's Supermodel Hair, Makeup and Outfit Ideas

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10 Materials
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Feeling nostalgic? Try out some 90’s supermodel hair with me.

I’m about to show you 4 looks, from head to toe. If you loved 90’s fashion, you won’t want to miss them!

Tools and materials:

  • Hairspray
  • Rollers
  • Brush
  • Finishing spray
  • Tail comb
  • Large claw clip
  • Eye makeup
  • Brown lip liner and lip color
  • Contour and foundation
  • Assorted 90’s-inspired clothing and accessories

Starting at the crown of your head, separate sections of hair, spray them with hairspray, brush it through and insert medium-large hair rollers.

Then continue spraying and rolling the rest of the hair, one section at a time. 

Adding hairspray

Leave the curlers in for a while, and feel free to use the wait time to do your 90’s makeup!

I’m going with dark brows, minimal eye makeup and brownish, lined lips.

Applying makeup

Remove the rollers, flip your hair over and fluff out the hair. Then apply finishing spray. 

Flipping hair

Flip your hair back to reveal all this volume:

Voluminous hair

Add a zigzag part using a tail comb. 

Creating zigzag part

Go halfway down or all the way. 

Creating zigzag part

Look 1: Cool and casual 

Dress in some classic, 90’s styles complete with a pocket chain and this look is ready to be rocked:

Look 1: Cool and casual

Look 2: Feminine grunge

Swap out the casual items with these grunge-inspired pieces. You can’t go wrong with a plaid mini skirt, leather boots and knee-high socks. 


Look 2: Feminine grunge

Add a mini backpack to complete this perfect, 90’s look:

Look 2: Feminine grunge

Hair change coming up!

Start with a center part. Pull up the top section of your hair into an imperfect and voluminous half ponytail.

Tying hair up

Add the rest of the hair to your hand and make a French twist, clipping the hair into a large claw clip.

Leave out 2 pieces in the front to frame your face. 

Twisting hair

Apply hairspray.

Twisted bun hairdo

Look 3: Edgy glamour

Pair a sexy, lace trimmed slip dress with a classic denim jacket, tied at your waist, black boots, sheer black tights and a black choker necklace. 

Look 3: Edgy glamour

Don’t forget the edgy attitude. 

Look 3: Edgy glamour

Look 4: Playful preppy

Make 2 pigtail braids under a backward baseball cap. 

Styling hair

Don’t forget to pull out those 2 pieces in the front! 

Styling hair

For clothing, I’ve paired some light jeans with a cardigan for a top, tied and pinned, chunky brown boots and a large belt. 

Look 4: Playful preppy

90's supermodel hair, makeup and outfit ideas

Everyone can rock the 90’s nostalgia looks. Just find the fits that make you feel your best and have fun with it.

If you try out these simple, 90’s supermodel hair and clothing styles, let me know which one is your favorite!

If you’re still feeling nostalgic, make this Cher from Clueless outfit with me. 

Suggested materials:
  • Hairspray
  • Rollers
  • Brush
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