12 Fun '90s Friends TV Show Outfits Inspired By the 6 Characters

Martina Pan
by Martina Pan

If you're a Friends fan like I am, I think you’re going to appreciate this Friends TV show outfits style guide that I've put together!

From Rachel’s sassy style to Phoebe’s boho-chic (and even Ross' leather pants!), there’s a little something for anyone in this '90s Friends outfits lookbook!

So, let me take you down memory lane and give you some inspiration to dress like your favorite Friends character!

Monica from Friends outfit with overalls

Monica from Friends outfits

Out of the 6 friends, I feel that I’m a Monica! This white t-shirt and denim overalls look is such a classic for me; I had to recreate it.

This specific style resonates with me when I think about the 90s.

90s white t-shirt and overalls outfit

This outfit is easy to put together; a white tank top, white shoes, denim overalls, and a black jumper tied around your waist. 

Monica outfit with a red top and jeans

Monica looks gorgeous here! The red top in this scene makes a nice contrast with the blue jeans.

How to dress like Monica from Friends

In this look, I went for a modern crop top, light-wash mom jeans, and a pair of classic white sneakers.

I went for a black bag just as she’s wearing, and I think this Friends outfit is good to go! 

Chandler from Friends outfit with a plain tee

Chandler from Friends outfits

Ok, so Chandler was not viewed as a fashionable character, but nevertheless, he does have a style that’s easy to recreate.

90s plain white t-shirt and jeans outfit

The first is a plain white t-shirt, the same mom jeans that I used in Monica’s outfits, and a plain black leather belt with a buckle.

How to dress like Chandler from Friends

I also went for a pair of loafers to make it more of a masculine look. 

Chandler's work outfits with collared shirts

Chandler mostly wears collared shirts, so you can easily recreate this style in today’s fashionable terms.

Neutral-toned outfit inspired by Chandler

I’m wearing a neutral-toned outfit: a yellow collared shirt, white t-shirt, high-waisted pants, belt, and a pair of cute sandals. 

Ross Gellar outfit with a striped sweater

Ross from Friends outfits

Ross is another not-so-fashionable character. His style is simple, but I honestly had a hard time looking for an outfit.

Striped top and high-waisted pants outfit

Here, I’m wearing a colorful striped top, high-waisted pants, and a pair of white sneakers. 

Ross from Friends leather pants outfit

Who can forget the hilarious leather pants episode? Since leather pants are trendy right now, I thought it would be a perfect Friends outfit to recreate.

Outfit inspired by Ross' leather pants

I went for an oversized black buttondown shirt and tucked it into my black leather pants. I opted for some high boots to tie this look together. 

How to dress like Joey from Friends

Joey from Friends outfits

Joey’s style is basic but sexy. In the earlier season, Joey wore a lot of blacks.

Black t-shirt, jeans, and a black belt

I went for a black t-shirt, tucked it into my dark denim mom jeans. The studded belt and black loafers complete the look. 

Joey's sports jersey outfit

There are so many reds, blues, and whites in '90s era fashion. This look is classic and has a casual vibe, too.

90s-inspired blue, red, and white sweater

I went for an oversized sweater, black pants, and sneakers. I think I pulled off this Friends outfit with the sports jersey really well! 

How to dress like Phoebe from Friends

Phoebe from Friends outfits

We can all agree Phoebe has an eclectic style; she loves layers and colors! Her outfits were the most difficult for me to recreate because she loves to dress out of everyone else's comfort zone!

Outfit inspired by Phoebe from Friends

Here, I’m wearing an oversized maxi dress with a black turtleneck underneath. I topped off this layered look with a pair of black boots, just as she wears in the episode. 

Friends TV show outfits

So, this is a rather basic outfit for Phoebe. I chose it because it’s easy to put together and still trendy in this era.

90s white tee under an overall dress outfit

I’m wearing a white t-shirt and a denim overall dress, which is very '90s. I matched this ensemble with black loafers, but white sneakers would look great, too. 

How to dress like Rachel from Friends

Rachel from Friends outfits

I think Rachel and I share the same passion for fashion! I chose this basic and neutral outfit as it has a relaxed silhouette and is still as stylish as ever after 20-odd years.

Recreating Rachel's casual Friends outfits

I chose a pair of beautiful high-waisted flared pants, a plain white crop top, and my favorite pair of sneakers to pull off this look. 

Rachel from Friends style guide

There’s no denying that Rachel is the queen of plaid! Plaid skirts, pants, and dresses - she wore a lot of plaid in the earlier seasons. I think this is her most classic Friends outfit.

Classic Rachel look from Friends

I recreated this '90s Friends outfit easily, and it’s a great ensemble that doesn’t need much effort. I opted for a black and white plaid wrap-around skirt, a black mock-neck top, and a pair of high boots. 

Friends TV show outfits

I hope you enjoyed this collection of '90s Friends-inspired outfits!

It was a load of fun to put this lookbook together, and as you can see, it’s pretty evident that outfits and clothes from Friends can still be worn 20 years later.

Who is your favorite Friends character and whose style do you like most?

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