Creating a Layered Look Worthy of J.Crew

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So here's the low-down on this post. I saw an outfit on Pinterest. I thought, "hey I could totally re-create that layered look". The most fantastic title for the post came to my head and I wrote it down. But...I forgot to pin the outfit. As you may imagine, this led to a frantic Pinterest search when this post came up in my planner again. Luckily, I do think I found the outfit that I was pulling from for inspiration. (And thank goodness, because what I had in mind was way off). So here is my layered look that I think is totally worthy of J.Crew. (After all, that's what the Pin said).

Get the Look: Plaid Blazer // Chambray Button Down // Striped Tee // Jeans

Truth be told, this outfit is really not weather appropriate right now. I know some people are experiencing fall but it's still only getting into the 70's sometimes here. But I wanted to make sure I at least tried this layered look because you never know when a cold front will strike. (No really, you don't they always seem to come with no warning).

There were 3 key items I required to pull off this look. And luckily I had them all in my closet. A plaid blazer, a chambray button up, and a striped t-shirt. If you don't have these 3 items in your closet I do highly recommend them. They are wardrobe staples, even more so for preppy girls. (I mean, dark academia is really blossoming this season). Look at any J. Crew outfit and I almost guarantee that they either have a denim, a stripe, or a plaid.

The item I had the most difficulty in choosing was the striped shirt. I have 3 different striped shirts that all could have worked perfectly with this J. Crew inspired layered look. So what do y'all think, is this a look you'd be willing to try?

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