How to Finally Start Your Capsule Wardrobe in 2022

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

"Capsule wardrobe", an exciting phrase that promises calm and serenity after the chaos of the last two years! I won't lie, building a capsule wardrobe is not something anyone can do overnight. It's an ongoing process that takes time, patience and skill. You need to be prepared to make mistakes and to get frustrated. But once you have a capsule wardrobe in place, it'll save you time in the mornings, help you to always feel chic and confident, and never again will you have the problem of having absolutely nothing to wear.

When embarking on your capsule wardrobe journey, the best place to start is to think about your colour palette. Well, technically, you start with a declutter.

But not just any old declutter! You need to pay close attention to the items you decide to get rid of, and see what they have in common. You may find that you end up decluttering a lot of brightly-coloured clothes that you bought in sales, and the clothes you keep are in more wearable colours.

This is because, although sexy reds, mustard yellows and cobalt blues are stunning, they are hard to pair with other items in your wardrobe and are also more memorable than the neutrals in your collection, so you feel like you can't wear them so often. This is why it's best to stick to a mostly neutral colour palette and then branch out on occasion to bolder colours - but make sure these are colours that you have a history of actually wearing.

I'd love to float around in tulle ballgowns and stiletto heels all day but the fact is, my life is a lot less glamorous than that! Starting your capsule wardrobe is all about identifying the types of clothes you actually wear on a regular basis, and investing in versions of these that you really love. That doesn't mean spending a fortune, it just means being strict with yourself and only adding things into your wardrobe that really make your heart flutter.

I spend a lot of my time doing unglamorous things like countryside walks, so one thing that's important to me is keeping warm and comfortable. But I also like to feel glamorous, so to strike that balance, I tend towards materials like cashmere, which are easy to layer and are temperature-regulating, ensuring I can still look stylish while keeping my outfits practical.

Cute accessories are a great way to jazz up comfortable, practical outfits too. I love the fluffy-bunny look of a rollneck, cashmere gloves and a bobble hat!

You can definitely inject more colour into your capsule wardrobe with accessories, but again, start with neutrals so that you've got scarves, hats and gloves that will go with all your outfits, and then add the more statement accessories once you have that baseline, making they are colours you know you will definitely wear a lot.

One of the best ways to get started on your capsule wardrobe is to know your own style really well, but if you're not quite there yet, look to others to see what sort of style you'd like to emulate. I never realised how much I loved a 1960s look until I started following Freddy My Love on YouTube. I find the quickest way to emulate 1960s style is a lightweight rollneck, mini skirt and boots.

Some of what I've said can sound a bit dull at first glance! But I'm not telling you to only wear neutrals and never have fun. It's really more about finding your true style and sticking items that reflect that style. It's almost like building your own personal brand!

Now for the really fun bit - shopping for new clothes. Take what you've learned from your declutter and your exploration into your own personal style, and make a list of items your wardrobe could really benefit from now that you have made some space in it. Then head to the high street or to the retail websites and start making a dent in that list!

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