How to Repeat Outfits: 6 Ways to Get More Wear From Your Wardrobe

Today, I’m going to show you how to repeat outfits without getting bored! Outfit repeating is not new or groundbreaking, but it is a necessity if we want to change the fast fashion industry for good.

The rise in fast fashion has really changed our relationship with clothing; ideas that clothes are disposable and it's ok to pay only $3 for a dress, then get rid of it after one or two wears. This is so not right and outfit repeating is a great antidote to this.

The trick to wearing the same items is by mixing and matching and getting a little creative. After this style guide, you’ll see how being an avid outfit repeater is not a fashion crime!

Freshly washed clothes on a laundry line

1. Look after your clothes

A big part of how often can you rewear an outfit lies in how you maintain your clothes.

Using a paraben-free laundry detergent that's easy on your clothes (as well as the environment) will make your clothes last longer!

Garment care is really important because over-laundering your clothes makes the items break down faster, so taking good care of them with a good detergent will go a long way. 

Also, make sure that your clothes are ready to go. No one wants to wear a sweater if it has been crumpled at placed at the bottom of a closet. Make space and fold and hang accordingly. 

Basic items in neutral colors

2. Own basic items in neutral colors

Having basic items in neutral colors will make it easy to mix and match different outfits, as well as play with color contrasts.

So, I have a plain long buttoned-down top in white. See how I can easily incorporate this with so many items?

How to wear a button-down in different ways

This top also adds length and is a great way to layer, too. 

Basic and functional effortless chic

Basic yet functional items also feel more effortless; allowing a balance to bring more unique pieces into everyday wear and repeat them more often. 

How to decide a wardrobe color scheme

3. Have a color scheme

Having a color scheme might seem limiting at first, but it allows you to mix and match neutrals more freely.

How often can you rewear an outfit?

Bold color with neautrals

Neutrals go a really long way in also matching up with items that are a little bit off the wall, like prints or bold colors.

Mixing neutrals and accent colors

The 80/20 rule is a great direction when it comes to mixing neutrals with accent colors.

How to become an outfit repeater

So, 80% of your outfit should have a neutral tone while the 20% should have an accent color. 

Styling guide to repeating outfits

Here are just a few neutral outfits that fit well with my personal color scheme.

Wearing the same outfit in different ways

How to repeat outfits easily

Jeans, top, and jacket outfit formula

4. Find and affirm your own personal style

If you know what you like and the styles you like to wear, then go ahead and wear them! There’s no point in following a fashion trend because everyone is doing so.

Define your style with an outfit formula

One way to wear your style with confidence and to outfit repeat without getting bored is to create different outfit formulas for different occasions.

Once you figure out the outfit formula you gravitate to most, you’ll be able to insert slightly varying garments for each of those parts of the formula. 

How to create a simple outfit formula

Looking out for silhouettes, cuts, and design features of basic garments is a really nice way to add a little bit of “oomph” to your formula. 

Choosing function over fashion

5. Choose function over fashion

So, this tip is relatively new to me, but I have realized how important comfort and utility are. They are a major deciding factor in whether I’m going to repeat an outfit or not.

How to choose outfits for function

So, think of what you need to get done on any given day and identify the fabrics that will allow you to do that the most comfortably. 

Clothing rail with different items

6. Slow down your shopping

If it’s really hard to get creative with what you already have, then adding more items to the picture will just confuse you further.

Take time to free your closet of unused items, keep what you like, and then see what key pieces are missing or any styling tweaks that you need.

Taking a pause to see (and appreciate) what we already have in our closet will free up your mental space and give you a boost of creativity on what outfits you can come up with using items you already own. 

How to repeat outfits

How to repeat outfits

So, that’s what I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to repeat outfits. Wearing the same outfit or clothing item really does not have to be boring.

With a little imagination and creativity, you can transform your style with items you have on hand. 

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