11 Key Items to Include in Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Welcome to my spring capsule wardrobe checklist for 2022. I’ll be showing you my key pieces for spring, how to style them together, and the many outfit ideas you can create.

I’ll show you how to create a truly wearable capsule wardrobe that’s incredibly versatile and on-trend but with that all-important timeless quality running through it.

Camel suede biker jacket for spring 2022

1. Biker jacket

One of the big fashion trends for 2022 is the biker jacket. I already have a traditional black leather one that I will keep forever, but I wanted an option in a softer tone and texture that gives a nod to the trend.

Something that would mix in with all of those soft muted tones I personally love so much. Here, I’m wearing a camel suede version, and I love it. 

White-on-white outfit for spring/summer 2022

2. White on white

The white-on-white fashion trend for 2022 is one of my personal favorites; it’s fresh, light, and very easy to interpret.

The joy of this trend is that the options for how you style it are so varied. You could go with trousers and a top, a dress and a blazer, or a skirt and a lovely piece of knitwear, and they would all tick the box perfectly.

On top of that, you can feel pretty safe in the knowledge that all of those individual pieces will be genuinely timeless in your closet.

Here, I’ve chosen a pair of tailored pants, paired with a pretty blouse, and finished the look with a classic white blazer.

Tailored pants to include in a spring capsule wardrobe for 2022

3. Tailored pants

Tailored pants and I are the best of friends so I couldn’t leave them out of my key pieces rail. I love the pleats on this gray pair and how the high waist is really nipping me in.

Pants like this tend to have a lot going on visually with the pleats and the wide leg. So, I like to keep the top half clean and minimal, as I have here with a white pocket t-shirt, to balance out the look.

How to build a spring capsule wardrobe

The second pair of tailored pants that I’m adding to my capsule closet is this high-waisted chocolate pair. Again, the higher waist with that notched detailing feels really flattering.

I love this shade of chocolate. I know that whether I style these with sandals for hot spring days or maybe with mules for a night out, they’re going to feel elegant, chic, and stylish. 

Jeans to include in a spring capsule wardrobe

4. Denim jeans

My next key piece for spring would be at least one pair of jeans. Go with whatever style suits you best; in some ways, forget what the fashion trends are and just follow your gut.

I’ve added a gorgeous pair of straight-legged jeans.

Classic camel trench coat to wear in spring

5. The coat

For a coat, I went with a timeless classic that is the camel trench coat. A trench coat doesn’t have to be in camel; I’ve spotted some gorgeous alternatives in khaki too, which I think is equally classic and will have the same effect.

Trench coats polish off your outfit ideas perfectly while still being practical for the weather.

Neutral sneakers are a practical addition to a spring capsule wardrobe

6. Neutral sneakers

I was never one for the chunky sneaker trend, but I did find the extra bit of height appealing. These sneakers add some height in a more streamlined, understated way.

I also love the fact that the tone is super neutral, enabling me to style these with the majority of my rail. They add a touch of practical comfort to a smart but casual look.

Oversized blazer in a spring lookbook

7. Oversized blazer

This jacket is just perfect for spring. I love the shade of gray, the quality is impeccable, and I know that I can mix and match it with so many different outfits.

I want to look like I’ve made an effort, but not like I’ve tried too hard. Something like a beautifully made blazer helps to naturally create that vibe for you. 

Minimalist maxi skirt for spring 2022

8. Skirts

Another piece I’m adding is this maxi-length skirt. A lot of the fashion trends this season are about 90s minimalism, so be careful to keep your lines clean and streamlined.

By that, I mean avoid any fussy details and opt for longer lines rather than anything too floaty. It’s elegant, minimal, and effective.

Light sweaters for a spring capsule wardrobe

9. Spring sweaters

As much as I am wanting warmer weather, the reality is that it can still be pretty cold in spring, so need a few sweaters in the mix.

Firstly, I opted for a cozy and comfortable hoodie. This isn’t the most glamorous of my outfit ideas, but it is realistic for what I’m reaching for when running out the door.

When you find a cozy hoodie that you can easily dress up with a blazer when needed, it can become a core staple in your capsule wardrobe.

Striped Breton-style sweater for spring 2022

Secondly, my wardrobe wouldn’t feel like mine if I didn’t have at least one stripy piece in there! Not to mention, stripes are particularly on trend this season too.

I like that this sweater is a little oversized, and it pairs well with just about everything else in my capsule wardrobe.

Classic white t-shirts are a spring capsule wardrobe staple

10. Classic t-shirt

I always need a couple of great t-shirts in my spring wardrobe. Staple pieces like these slim-fit t-shirts will see you through the everyday in style.

Loafers for the spring capsule wardrobe checklist

11. Loafers

Whatever your preferred look or color of loafers, I would advise having some variation of this shoe style in your spring capsule wardrobe.

Chunky loafers are on-trend at the moment, but for me, it’s flat ones all the way.

Spring capsule wardrobe checklist for 2022

I hope you enjoyed seeing what will be in my spring capsule wardrobe.

When creating your own, if you’re finding that you’ve only got one or two ways to style an item of clothing, it probably doesn’t deserve a space in your capsule wardrobe. You want that final edit to really work hard for you.

Have fun putting together your own spring capsule wardrobe checklist!

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