5 Adorable Cottagecore Accessory Ideas

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I’m going to share with you guys some of my favorite cottagecore accessories to spice up your cottagecore looks and add a bit more jazz to your outfit.

Cottagecore is all about connecting with rural life and nature, so a lot of the accessories you will see here feature animals, plants, flowers, and outdoor settings. Let’s jump on in!


1. Pins

Pins are really easy to add to any cottagecore outfit. You can add one to a beret, a sweater, or the collar of a blazer - like a lapel pin.

This pin with mountains and snowy peaks makes me think about hiking in nature.

The plants and flowers around the mountain base are really pretty, and I think this pin just breathes a fresh breath into whichever outfit I wear it with.


Another pin that I have that’s super cute is this adorable bumblebee surrounded by flowers.

The bee is against a black backdrop, so the pin is quite low-key and not too overt, but it does bring in a gorgeous decorative element.


Here are two matching bird pins facing one another, which would be perfect for putting on either side of the collar of a shirt.

This can be a great way to add a little something to your outfit if it’s looking too bland.

If you aren’t wearing any patterns or much color, you could just wear a plain shirt and spice it up a bit with some decorative pins.

Ribbon scrunchies

2. Ribbon scrunchies

Another item that you can use to accessorize your look is a ribbon scrunchie. They are so cute and are great to add to a simple ponytail or bun.

They add a vintage vibe and save you from having to mess around with an actual ribbon. You can, of course, coordinate them with the colors in your outfit.

Bobby pins

3. Bobby pins

Other cottagecore hair accessories are little bee or flower bobby pins. These bee bobby pins add a fun botanical feel to a hairstyle, and they also tie in perfectly well with the bee pin I showed you earlier!

All of the accessories that I’m showing you don’t have to be worn in isolation, but you can coordinate them with one another and pair pieces together that have a similar theme.

Braided headband

4. Braided headband

The next hair accessory is a padded braided headband.

These give off a princessy kind of vibe, and I don’t know why that works with the cottagecore aesthetic, but it just does! Perhaps because it makes me think of a princess living in a castle surrounded by a forest.

A braided headband is a great accessory for when you want to have your hair down but think it needs a little something extra.


5. Bandanas

One other item that I would be totally missing out on if I didn’t mention are bandanas. You can really wear any type of bandana but try to look for ones with a botanical pattern.

I’m wearing one that has some delicate lilac flowers on it. A bandana can help hide messy hair if you have a bit of a bad hair day going on.

It also has the added plus of sun protection. That is why it ties in so nicely with the cottage core aesthetic because it makes me think of people working the land outside on a hot day.


I also have this beautiful strawberry silk bandana. When choosing a bandana, be sure to base your decision on the colors that you tend to wear to guarantee that it will match lots of the outfits that you put together.

Cottagecore accessories

I hope you enjoyed these cottagecore accessory recommendations. If you’d like to read more about the cottagecore aesthetic, check out my post on 5 Super Cute Cottagecore Winter Outfits.

Which cottagecore accessory is your favorite? Let me know down below.

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