Mixing Vintage and Modern Items for a Unique Look

by Theheadwrapsocialite

Sometimes, you can find some great items when shopping vintage. Shopping vintage can open up a world of pre-loved items that can tell a story all their own. When you mix that vintage item with your current wardrobe pieces, you end up creating unique outfits that are completely individual to your style.

When you mix vintage with current items they tell a unique story mixing the past with the present. I found this pre-loved argyle sweater over 20 years ago while in college, at a thrift store and it still brings me joy.

When searching for treasures at a thrift store, keep an open mind and see which items you are gravitating towards. This argyle sweater was actually found in the men's section of the thrift store...I loved the colors so much and decided that it was meant for me. A quick aside: if you are someone who is handle with a needle and thread...sometimes an item will need to be mended.

These pre-loved, vintage items that you can find in a thrift store can be mixed in with your current wardrobe, bringing a little modern fashion to your vintage vibe. Creating those one of a kind, unique outfits, that just make you smile.

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