Styling a Pencil Skirt

by Oddlilbean

On an Instagram post from a bit ago that featured the first photos in this tutorial, someone had commented how they had always been uncertain on how to style or wear pencil skirts, which is what compelled me to do this write up. There are just certain articles of clothing each of seem to struggle with instinctively styling for whatever reason. For me, it's anything with a peplum (though I think I'm finally starting to figure it out), but pencil skirts I know my way around thanks to my fascination with 1950s fashion, so I figured I would share some tips and tricks with different pencil skirt outfits that might work for you!

I love to belt pencil skirts! This partially because I am not a particularly curvy person though I'm not completely curve-less, so the belt helps create a distinct line for the waist to give a more defined figure. This is especially helpful if the pencil skirt is a little loose or bulky around the waist. I also like pairing a pencil skirt with a short blazer-esque jacket to visually elongate the legs/bottom torso a bit.

The jacket came from H&M, the shirt is from Target, earrings from Marshalls, and the rest is thrifted.

The majority of the time I wear a form-fitting top that stays pretty flat when tucked into a pencil skirt just because of personal preference; however, pencil skirts also go well with looser fitting tops that slightly puff out/hangover the the waistband when tucked in. You'll see this a lot of times with blouses constructed from silk-like fabrics, but this also works with more sweater-ish tops as well for a more casual look like I have pictured above.

100% thrifted outfit!

This is sort of a cross between a pencil and pleated skirt, but the idea is still there. When the weather starts to get a little on the chillier side, I love wearing pencil skirts with turtle necks, especially skirts on the shorter side. Something about it gives off mod-vibes for me, and I feel this is only emphasized when you also wear knee-high boots at the same time.

100% thrifted outfit!

To me, this is pretty straightforward and standard styling for a pencils skirt. A formfitting top that sits flat when tucked in to create a figure-hugging silhouette. Add some matching statement jewelry and shoes, and voila, finished outfit ready for work or wherever you're going.

Another 100% thrifted outfit.

This is a bit of a side note, but it was interesting writing this tutorial up because it made me realized I don't really do any pattern mixing with pencil skirts, which is only interesting because if you've seen any of my previous posts then you know I'm huge on mixing up those patterns. It's not something I've consciously done, but it does make me want to try and make some pattern-mixing, pencil-skirt wearing outfits since I really only think it's because I've been sticking to what I'm comfortable with.

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