Styling Men's Clothes In Autumn

You might be wondering why on Earth I'd be talking about styling men's clothes... but trust me, borrowing clothes from your husband/boyfriend/brother/father/friend is the most fun way to expand your wardrobe without buying anything new.

Taking traditional masculine pieces and giving them a new feminine recreate is lot of fun, here's how...

Style a men's baggy sweater with a skirt.

Skirts are trademark feminine (unless it's a kilt I suppose!), so they work really well to make a men's oversized sweater flattering on a woman.

It's fun to pair masculine pieces with very feminine ones, like the heeled loafers seen here.

Style a men's blazer with a basic sweater and jeans.

The shoulder pads and large fit steal the show, so let them! Don't try to do too much.

A simple white tee or grey sweater with light-wash denim jeans will let your cool blazer do all of the talking.

Or, take a man's blazer and belt it at the waist. Again, we're playing with giving masculine-shaped clothing feminine curves.

My personal favorite way to style men's clothes is to thrift large button-ups in fun colors. They work well as dresses, but can be paired with shorts underneath of course.

Matching the man's large shirt with shoes and a bag of the same color brings the whole ensemble together; it makes it look purposeful.

So give men's fashion a try this fall!

Talk soon,

Ms. Melior

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