2021 Winter Trends

Meta title: 2021 Winter Trends

Meta description: Look stylish and stay warm with these thirteen fashion trends for this winter.

I have been doing a lot of research on what fashion trends we may be seeing this winter. In this tutorial, I am going to be sharing 13 fashion trends from clothing to accessories and hair. Stay on top of the trends this winter by following my tutorial!

Winter clothing trends

Chocolate brown 

I, personally, love this trend! If you don’t have anything chocolate brown in your wardrobe, this is the time to shop for it! I think this color creates outfits that look expensive and luxurious.

Winter 2021 color trends

I think the coolest part of this trend is chocolate brown sweatpants and athletic wear. The color is so different and unique and I just love it! 

Wear sweater vests

Sweater vests 

This is a trend that we have been seeing for a while now and I really don’t think it is going away anytime soon. If you have been thinking about buying a sweater vest I would highly recommend it because I don’t think this trend is leaving us anytime soon.

Winter trends


The next trend that we will be seeing a lot of this winter is leather! Now I am not just talking about leather shoes or a leather bag, I mean full leather outfits. Leather is super popular right now and I am here for it! 

Wear cutout pieces


The next trend to look out for is cutouts. I'm talking about long sleeve tops with cutout backs or dresses with cutouts in the front. Personally, I’m not sure I’ll be wearing this trend unless I go somewhere a little warmer but I do love this trend!

Layer knits

Layering knits 

I have been seeing this trend in 3 different ways. The first is wearing a sweater top with matching sweater bottoms. This creates an elevated sweatsuit where the pants are made from the same knit material as the sweater. This is the perfect trend for staying at home but still wanting to look and feel cute. 

Wear a knit bralette and cardigan

The second way to wear this trend is by matching a knit bralette and cardigan. I saw Katie Holmes do this and from there the trend just started popping up everywhere. You wear a knit bralette with an open matching cardigan over it. I think this is definitely a trend we will continue seeing in 2021. 

Wear a sweater as a scarf

The third way to layer knits is by wearing a second sweater as a scarf. If you are on Instagram you definitely will have seen this trend. I love this look! It has a very French feel to it. It is a great way to add a layer of clothing that is functional!

Winter 2021 fashion trends

Layering sweatshirts 

This is a great trend because it is easy and you may already have all you need at home in your closet. I have been seeing this trend a lot and I love the idea of layering with a sweatshirt. Whether it’s over a turtleneck or a button-down this is a very cool way to style a sweatshirt for winter. 

Wear a prairie collar

Prairie collars

I think if this trend doesn’t show a lot in winter, it is definitely something we will be seeing in spring. I have seen the prairie collar a lot on the runway and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of it! There are so many different variations of this collar that you will be able to wear the trend in the style you like. 

Wear knit bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses

I think that another trend we will be seeing is bodycon dresses but in knitwear. Knit fabrics are so in right now and I assume we will only see more of them. A knit bodycon dress is a perfect way to dress stylishly while still being comfortable. 

Match leggings to a sweatshirt

Matching leggings and sweatpants

This trend could totally be on the wave of wanting to be comfortable while wearing something a little nicer than sweatpants. Regardless, I love this trend! I, for one, will definitely be purchasing a matching pair of leggings and a sweatshirt for winter. 

Show your socks

Socks showing 

This is a definite trend in athletic wear but it is moving beyond that! Showing your socks is the new thing to do. I have seen this a lot with white socks but I think the trend will extend as we head into winter. 

Wear New Balance

New Balance sneakers 

These are total dad shoes and I have to say, I am on board with it! I love this trend and I have been looking for a pair of New Balance sneakers for my winter wardrobe. The best part of this trend is its functionality! It is a dream to have a pair of trendy, comfortable sneakers!

Braid your ponytail

Braided pony 

This trend is a winter hair trend that I think we will be seeing. The first braid is the princess braid which is tying hair elastics throughout your pony. I don’t know about you but as a little girl I had this hairstyle all the time and it seems it is making a comeback. People are also doing the ponytail with the normal braid. I think we are going to see a lot more of these braided ponytails this winter. 

Wear a claw clip

Claw clip 

The other hair trend is the claw clip and I have to say, I don’t think this trend is going anywhere. I love the claw clip because, honestly, the less heat I have to apply to my hair, the better! 

2021 fashion trends


My trend prediction for this year is the 80s! I think that we are going to be seeing a lot of 80s trends and styles making a comeback. I think this comeback will apply to fashion and home! Get ready for some 80s inspo this year! I would love to know which trend you are most excited about this winter! Share in the comments below! 

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