Day-to-Night Outfits: How to Make a Look Last From Morning to Evening

Holly Power
by Holly Power

Let's learn about day-to-night outfits! In this tutorial, I’m going to take a straightforward everyday look and transform it into something eveningwear appropriate. I’m going to show you how you can change up an outfit like this very easily, and I’m going to add on a bit more makeup as well

Day outfit in black and white

So for my basic casual look, I’m wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, white Vans, and a simple white denim jacket. I don’t have very much makeup on.

How to take an outfit from day to night

1. Red lip

I added some beautiful red lipstick to change the makeup because this is a really easy way to instantly transform a daytime look into a nighttime one.

Changing makeup for the evening

2. Lashes and wings

Next, I thought that my eyes could definitely do with a little bit of a touch-up, so I went ahead and put on some lashes and drew a simple wing as well. These changes make my eyes look sexy, bold, and powerful. The lipstick, lashes, and wings change the look so much.

Accessorizing day-to-night wear with earrings

3. Statement earrings

Then I went ahead and put on some dramatic earrings. These ones are gorgeous. They are gold with a circle at the top and a big dangly open rectangle at the bottom, and they give me a vintage 1930s vibe.

Day-to-evening outfit ideas

4. Hair down

To add some allure, I’ve let my hair down so it can flow freely.

Best day-to-night outfits

5. Black blazer

Now to change up the outfit. I started off by switching the simple white denim jacket to a fitted, tailored black blazer.

Casual day-to-night outfits

6. Belt

I added a belt to add a little bit more shape and put the look together even more. I went for a black leather belt with gold detail at the front. The gold ties in nicely with the earrings and keeps the whole outfit looking harmonious and glam.

Day-to-night outfit ideas

7. Heels

Lastly, of course, I had to change my Vans, so I put on these gorgeous black strappy heels, which imbue me with a ton of confidence and make me feel ready to hit the town.

How to style day-to-night outfits

Day-to-night outfits tutorial

That is the finished look! I hope you enjoyed learning how to take an outfit from day to night. My top tip is to stick with black. It’s not only a flattering and classy color, but it also acts as a blank canvas, allowing you to reinterpret basic black pieces in lots of different ways.

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