How to Keep Clothes Looking New - 10 Tips

by Jenn

Let’s talk about how to keep your clothes looking fresh, new, and clean. Join me in learning how to take care of clothes so that they last longer and look better.

Keep clothes looking new

Invest in a steamer 

Unlike an iron, a steamer won’t cause discoloration to your clothes and won’t burn your clothes. A steamer is also a much more versatile tool and works on far more fabrics than an iron. It’s easy to use. It works quicker than ironing and keeps all your clothes looking right off the rack. So put away your ironing board, steamers are the way to go! 

Best way to keep clothes looking new

Shave your sweaters 

That’s right, you read that right, shave your sweaters! A lot of heavier pieces begin to peel and pull after a few uses, but that doesn’t mean their time is up. A fabric shaver can clean off those hanging pieces and make your sweater look good as new. 

How to keep clothes looking new longer

Buy some baby wipes

Sometimes all your shoes need is a good wipe down. Shoes can often start to look worn when really they’re just dirty. Instead of stressing over their color, check to see if it can be wiped away. I keep baby wipes with me so that I’m always able to do a quick wipe down. This is also great for wiping away quick stains on my clothes throughout the day. 

How to take care of clothes

Oxi Clean is your best friend 

If you can follow instructions, you can now clean anything. Oxi Clean is amazing. Not only does it give you instructions on the bottle for cleaning any type of fabric, but it can be used on more than just clothes. I used it on my couch! Just spray and wait, I swear it works. 

Take care of clothes

Get a lint roller 

This one is so easy and makes such a huge difference. My lint roller was the answer to all my prayers. This is so important - especially when wearing dark colors. If you have pets, or just regular lint covering your outfits it can ruin the whole vibe. Just take a couple of minutes to make sure you’re clean and thank me later. 

Dye your shoes

Dye your shoes

This one is important always, but especially if you live in cold climates. If it’s snowing, and there’s salt on the floor, you can end up with salty, ruined, black and white shoes. The answer isn’t to throw away a perfectly good pair of shoes, but rather to make them look like new. Simply wipe the shoes down with water and vinegar - to clean off the salt - and then pat them dry. After that add some shoe dye and see your shoes come back to life. 

Don’t ignore the labels

The labels on your clothes are there to help you. They are there to help you care for your clothes so that they don’t get ruined. Things like the temperature of the water you should be washing in, or how you should be drying your pieces, all affect how long they last and how they look. And when in doubt, hand wash. 

Don’t hang sweaters

Not everything should be hung

Some clothes get ruined when they are hung up; for example, sweaters. Hanging clothing from the neck can cause them to stretch out. Folding your sweaters will better keep their shape. That said, if you are going to hang your sweaters, never put the hanger in from the top. Always scoop it in from the bottom! 

Protect your suede 

Shoes, boots, and any other footwear that is suede needs a suede protector. Simply spray the protector on your shoes from about a two-inch distance before you leave the house. Leave the shoes to rest for about ten minutes and then wear your shoes worry-free. This is such an easy tip and it can leave your shoes looking great for years! 

Clean faux leather

Use nail polish remover on faux leather 

It is so easy to clean faux leather. If you have a stain on your bag, or some dye rubbed off on it, just use some nail polish remover to clean that stain away. It’s so quick and easy, there’s really no reason not to. 

Keep your clothes new

Thanks for watching

That was ten tips on the best way to keep clothes looking new. These tips have helped me save money over the years without sacrificing style. So here’s to saving money and our favorite clothes! 

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  • Phyllis Wolper Phyllis Wolper on Feb 20, 2021

    Steamers are great! Tip for making socks, bras and panties last - wash on gentle cycle in cool or warm (never hot) water. Dry on a rack - never in the dryer.

    • Jenn Jenn on Feb 20, 2021

      My steamer is pretty much my Bestfriend at this point in my life

  • Lor33882870 Lor33882870 on Feb 20, 2021

    I never would have thought to use nail polish remover on faux leather. I thought acetone could melt vinyl.

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    • Eve clouthier Eve clouthier on Feb 21, 2021

      Could you use acetone nail polish remover on a paint daub on a sweatshirt? Would it not bleach the colour out of the shirt or would it?