How to Look Stylish - 10 Easy Steps

Saroop Roshi
by Saroop Roshi

Today, I’m going to give you guys ten tips on how to make your outfit go from drab to fab. Stick with me to see how to look stylish every day. I promise it’s easier than you realize.

Tips to look stylish

Fold the sleeves 

This step is so easy, but it makes such a huge difference - especially if your arms are thinner. Folding your sleeves can make you look a little bit edgier. This makes your sleeves a little tighter and a little more fitted, making your outfit look a little more put together. 

Cuff your pants and sleeves

Cuffed up 

Cuff up those pant bottoms! This is a super handy trick - especially if you’re a little shorter and struggles to find pants the right length. Plus, it looks great. You can also cuff up sleeves (especially on jackets or button-down blouses) for a cleaner look. 

Hacks to look stylish

Good shoes 

For me, shoes make or break an entire outfit. I can think of multiple occasions in my life where I was dressed perfectly, and completely ruined my entire look with the wrong pair of shoes. Don’t skimp out and skip this step, I promise it will make a difference. 

Tuck in your shirt

Tuck in your shirt 

Tucking in your shirt is so underrated! This small act can make such a huge difference - even with the most basic of outfits. I know that some people are uncomfortable with tucking their clothes in, but I encourage everyone to give it a try. It’s a game-changer! Tucking in your shirt makes your legs look longer, makes you look much more put together, and make an obvious difference in your appearance. 

How to look stylish every day

Add a belt 

I know some people don’t like belts and honestly, that’s hard for me to understand. I love belts. They are fashion and function. If you’re not looking to wear a belt for function, even a loose belt can be cute as an accessory. For me, belts are a must. They look cute with jeans, help my figure in dresses, and are all-around amazing! 

Wear some jewelry

Wear some jewelry 

Oftentimes, people overlook this small detail, but the small details are sometimes the most important. It’s like the cherry on the cake. I think jewelry brings together most outfits and makes them look complete. 

Easily look stylish

Scarf hairstyles 

Scarves are amazingly versatile. There are so many ways you can wear them in your hair alone. A couple of my favorite options are: braiding a scarf into your hair and tying it around a lower bun. Hair can also make or break your outfit, so get creative! 

Add a handbag

Have a handbag 

Handbags are essential to making your outfits look put together. Personally, I am still working on perfecting this art, but we’re getting there. Turns out I need to take my own advice! Handbags are like jewelry and belts; accessories! But make sure to give a little more attention to your handbag than you would your earrings because the wrong bag can ruin your whole look. 

Pro tip:

structured and plain handbags are super versatile and can work with almost any outfit! 

Stylish looks

Layer up! 

I think layering gives any outfit something a little more - literally and figuratively. Blazers are my personal favorite, but there are so many options out there. Blazers, cardigans, sweaters. This little detail can make all the difference. 

Knot your shirts

Knot it up 

Last but not least, you can knot up your shirts to make them look better. There are a couple of different ways to know up your shirts and it’s so fun to get creative with the different options. I love the way a knot looks and how it can transform a shirt completely. 

Those are my ten hacks to look stylish. They are simple, easy, and can transform any outfit! The best part is most of these hacks can be done with things you already have. 

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