How to Style a Classic Button Down!

by Shanthomas87

I love a good basic button down shirt! Mainly because almost everyone has one in their closet, and it can be styled SO many ways! It is literally one of the most versatile pieces I own. This exact button up is from Target and only $20. I am wearing size XS for reference and you can find it linked 👇🏼.

Look #1

This is just a classic way to wear the button up, just by itself. I simply paired it with a good pair of black jeans and a neutral boot. I tucked in the front of it to give it a more polished look. I think the fit of your button up is also important. You can see here how the fit isn’t tight at all. I think a tight button up shirt can instantly take the look from classy to cheap looking, so make sure you find the right fit for you.

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Look # 2

For this next look, I tucked that same button up shirt and added a black blazer on top. I love using a button up shirt as a layering piece.

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Look # 3

Another way to style this button down shirt is by layering it! I layered it with this oversized vest from Amazon, added my Spanx leggings, and finished the look with a knee high pair of neutral boots.

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Look # 4

For the last look, I took it a little more casual. I unbuttoned that same button up shirt and paired it with a tank underneath. I completed the look with jeans and mules. You could easily make this even more casual by adding sneakers and a hat!

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I could honestly have styled this shirt even a few more ways… but that’s all I had time for! Hope that gives you some ideas of how to use that button up you have sitting in your closet :)

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