6 Chic Ways to Style a Button-Down Shirt

Alyvia Adelynn
by Alyvia Adelynn

Button-down shirts are just lovely! They make for a perfect formal outfit and give your outfit an edgier tone. While many people opt for wearing it in a conservative, regular way, there are actually plenty of other ways to style this quintessential clothing item. What's more, it's a classic, timeless piece, so it won't ever go out of fashion. I'm going to be showing you different ways to style a button-down shirt, and I know you're going to love and get inspired by my style guide. Styling a button-down shirt has never been this easy! Let's get to it.

Styling a button-down shirt

A closer look at my white button-down shirt style

Before we get started, let's take a look at the shirt I'll be styling. This one is from H&M. It has a soft feel to it, and it's super flowy and comfortable to wear. It has an oversized style, which is the in-thing these days. I got this one for $20, and since it's the hottest fashion item right now, you can probably find something similar in other major retail stores.

How to style a button-down shirt

Look 1

In this look, I opted for a professional, chic vibe. This is great for an office job or any other job that requires you to look professional. Here I'm wearing a black, oversized blazer and black trousers. The trousers are super comfy; they feel like sweatpants. I topped this look with a pair of plain white sneakers. I think it's a beautiful, cohesive look, and I love how it turned out!

Easy button-down shirt style

Look 2

This one is for all the girly style fans! If you love to wear dresses, I have created a fun little twist with this one. It's definitely interesting and surely unique. This isn't really my personal style, but I think it's so cute. I paired the white shirt with a plain black corset and a pair of leather knee-high platform boots. If I were to wear this look, I'd definitely wear a longer button-down shirt as this one is relatively short, so take note of that one, ladies!

Button-down shirt style

Look 3

Easy and classic! There's really nothing to this look. It's the best option for those days where you don't know what to wear. It's super stylish and, not to mention, super comfortable! I basically am wearing my white button-down shirt with whitewash, flared-out denim pants. I opted for white shoes, and I accessorized the outfit with subtle, gold jewelry. So, next time you're running late and don't know what to wear- this is your go-to outfit!


Throw on a trench coat to elevate the look and give it a more formal taste.

Basic button-down shirt style

Look 4

Want to layer white-collared button-down shirts? I mean, they don't always have to be bare. This is one of those books that give more dimension to your outfit. I put my button-down shirt underneath this cool Harvard University sweater that I got from H&M. The sweater has a boyish, oversized look. The white shirt's collar and sleeves are poking it out from underneath, giving a lovely uniformed look. I paired this look with a pair of grey jeans and platform boots. This is a great outfit to wear if you're in school or college and want a laid-back yet playful feel.


Wear a trench coat or coat to keep warm.

White button-down shirt style

Look 5

Here's another layered look! I'm obsessed with this trendy vest; it looks beautiful over the white button-down shirt. As a rule, I always try to wear tight-fitting pants whenever I'm wearing loose, oversized items on top because of my petite physique. So, here I opted for black pants, and I paired them with my lace-up boots. This look is fun and straightforward. Feel free to get creative here by wearing a bolder, brighter vest.

Boyish button-down shirt style

Look 6

Casual and edgy!! So, here I am, wearing my handy button-down shirt. I tucked it into my plain light grey pants and paired them with some white trainers. To give it an edgier twist, I put on my leather jacket. This is my least favorite look for myself, simply because everything looks a little too chunky. But I do like it in general, and I think a taller person would pull it off! I love the color palette in this look; the combination is really stunning.

I hope you enjoyed this style guide tutorial! It was fun to dress up (or down) an essential clothing item, and now you have some inspiration for when you next wear a white button-down shirt! Happy stylin', and keep smiling!

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