4 Ways to Style a Button-Down Shirt

Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve learned for styling a button-down shirt. These are tips I’ve picked up along my fashion journey and am excited to share them with you!

Easy button-down shirt style

Skip the chest pockets 

For this first step, you need to be honest about your body type. Bustier girls should be skipping the pockets on the chest. The extra fabric over the chest will accentuate your chest and most likely be unflattering. 

Basic button-down shirt style

Roll up your sleeves 

I suggest keeping your sleeves long in a business setting, but if you’re dressing a little more casually it can be great to roll up your sleeves. What I do is roll the sleeves along the natural line of the blouse. Fold it and smooth it and then fold again. Once it starts feeling a little fitted, that’s when you should stop folding. Next, just pull the sleeve up a little bit and enjoy the casual look you’ve created. 

Button-down shirt style

Tuck it in

For business, tuck your shirt in all around. But if you’re in a non-business setting just do a half-tuck! Tuck in about an inch to an inch of a half of the front of your shirt. You should be tucking in as little as possible - just the front area. Then, let your shirt fall over the front and leave the back area tucked out (maybe fold it under itself). What an easy way to give yourself a little more shape. 

White button-down shirt style

Remove the button gap 

Many women - especially those with larger chests - struggle to find button-down shirts that fit right. Oftentimes, there will be a gap between the buttons that tug awkwardly. One solution is to sew snaps into the space between the buttons, and another is to invest in some really strong double-sided tape. Just place the tape or snap between the two buttons and smooth it down until your buttons lay flat. 

That is how to style a button-down shirt. I love these tips because they make it so easy to take a button-down blouse from business to casual! Let me know what kinds of fun styles you came up with. 

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  • Connie Jones Connie Jones on Jan 29, 2021

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Angel Peterson Angel Peterson on Jan 29, 2021

    My way of wearing button down shirts is to wear over a plain t-shirt, and leave the buttons undone. Gives me warmth on my arms without the feeling of tightness.