Style an Oversize Button-Down Shirt With These 9 Glamorous Looks

Pekgee Peggy
by Pekgee Peggy

Oversized baggy button-down shirts make for a good fashion item that can be styled in so many ways. I’m going to show you how fabulous you can look with this easy oversize button-down shirt style guide. I have a bunch of styles to show you; it’s guaranteed to make you look chic! So, follow me as I style an oversize button-down shirt in different ways.

How to style an oversize button-down shirt

Look 1

Accentuate your waistline with a thick belt. Throw on a pair of urbane and classy sunglasses and an oversized tote bag. I matched all my accessories with neutral colors, giving my outfit a more uniform look. I love how fun this looks and can be worn formally or casually- the choice is all yours!

Easy oversize button-down shirt style

Look 2

Let’s get sporty! Pair your oversized button-down shirt with your on-the-go yoga clothes. Here, I am wearing tight-fitting skinny yoga pants and a sports bra. I threw on the button-down shirt and left it unbuttoned, and I wore a cute scrunchie to finish off the look. I love how all the neutral colors blend, giving it an unboring, flattering vibe.

Basic oversize button-down shirt style

Look 3

Elegance is key! Go for an elegant look by wearing a button-down dress. Make sure that the dress is not oversized either. Otherwise, it won’t look too good. Here, I am wearing a black dress, my oversized button-down shirt, and an oversized dark brown hair scrunchie. How cute and gorgeous is this outfit?

oversize button-down shirt styling

Look 4

Keeping to the elegant theme, put on a pair of high-waisted trousers and a tight-fitting crop top. My trousers have a lovely buckle; it’s a nice accessory to add to the mix. Again, the colors here are neutral and blend so well- you really can’t go wrong with this color theme. Top it off with some classy sunglasses, and you look like a Hollywood actress straight from a movie set!

Spring oversize button-down shirt style

Look 5

This look is all about the layers, and it looks fantastic if pulled off correctly. Again, keep to the neutral tones. Wear a turtleneck with a baggy oversized shirt on top. Make sure the sleeves and neckpiece of the turtleneck top peek out from under the short shirt. Throw on your handy button-down shirt and roll up the sleeves to see the bright colored turtleneck. The layers here give off a cool dimension to the whole look itself, and I love that my legs are bare, too.

Spring oversize button-down shirt styling

Look 6

I adore this look, and the printed skirt just gives it a beautiful finish. Wear a white crop top with a zebra print skirt. As you can see, the skirt is tight around the hips but flares out beautifully at the bottom. Throw on the oversized shirt and a white hair scrunchie to finish off the outfit. The color theme and the print are what give this a wholesome vibe.

Black clothing with oversize shirt

Look 7

Black to basics. Who doesn’t love comfy black leggings? I had to show you how this basic essential item also matches nicely with the oversized button-down shirt. I also wore a long sports bra to match the laid-back style of this outfit.

Wear high-waisted jeans

Look 8

Leaving everything on and changing only the pants, I opted for a pair of high-waisted denim pants. I added a brown belt to accentuate my waistline and an elegant black crop top. I really think this look is unique and amazing, and the buttoned-down shirt just finishes off this look perfectly.

Wear a formal white button-down shirt

Look 9

Keeping to the same look, I simply changed my crop top for a sheer fitted white shirt. I tucked it under my high-waisted denim pants and folded the sleeves so that the white shirt’s sleeves are visible. This is what I call an “office” look; it’s a fun twist on the normal office attire we are all so used to wearing.

There you have it, 9 awesome looks to wear with an oversized button-down shirt. It’s really amazing to see how such a simple and basic clothing item can be spruced up in so many ways. It adds a lovely dimension to most outfits. I had so much fun with this oversized button-down shirt styling tutorial. I hope this provides you with great fashion inspiration.

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