Why You Need To Start Outfit Repeating TODAY

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

If you've ever been a high school teenager, you've probably felt the peer pressures and judgements on what you're wearing.

It was a social sin to wear the same outfit twice.

And, unfortunately, that mentality carries over to university culture (especially in the U.S.)

I know many women who shop from fast-fashion brands WEEKLY in order to have an outfit that they plan on wearing only ONCE.

I myself had fallen victim to this ludicrous rule.

But we have to change the narrative. For the sake of the planet, which is being over-run by textile waste (all the outfits that millions of young women only wear once and then throw out), we have to make outfit repeating cool.

Here are three reasons to outfit repeat:


1. The Environment


As I just mentioned, the environment is suffering greatly because of the fast-fashion business model.

In 2021, secondhand clothing sales on Ebay alone saved 87 MILLION clothing items from ending up in landfill.*

This is incredible!



2. Cost Effective


The average woman spends between $1,800 to $4,800 on clothes per year.*

Secondhand items, which often still have tags on them, are significantly cheaper and can save a lot of money in the long run.



3. Sentimental Value


Last, but certainly not least, clothes have sentimental value.

I remember what I was wearing the night I met my husband... and what he was wearing! We take turns wearing that goofy blue sweater to Christmas parties (which is where we met).

What were you wearing when you attended your first day of that new job? Or when you found out you were pregnant? Or while backpacking Europe?

Keeping clothes for longer gives them the chance to become something more than just cloth... but a memory.

So let's end fast-fashion and wear our clothes over and over.

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  • Mary Mary on Jan 06, 2022

    With outfits as pretty as these why would want to only wear them once.

  • Erin Ovens Erin Ovens on Jan 08, 2022

    I love Poshmark, and a few items have become my absolute favourites. I also buy new sometimes, but supplement with 2nd hand. I tend to wear things over and over.