How to Look Expensive in a Heatwave

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

We're all fashionistas here so we probably know all the classic tips for making our outfits look more expensive. However, I don't know about you, but my good intentions fly out of the window when the sun comes out. It's hard to stay cool and still look chic but here's a round-up of style tips to help you look and feel elegant in a heatwave.

A huge floppy straw hat is the quickest route to looking expensive in summer. Not only does it allow you to channel your inner Audrey but it is also an extremely practical piece. It keeps your face out of the sun and stops you feeling ill when you've been outside all day in the heat.

If you've ever seen the first Sex and the City film, you'll know it's perfect for spying on handsome neighbours too.

Wearing one colour head-to-toe always looks chic but wearing white in particular looks so expensive (maybe it's because it suggests you have no need to get your hands dirty!). Again, it's a practical choice too - white reflects the sun's rays and helps to keep you cool, as well as always toning in beautifully with any floral surroundings!

Wrap styles are beautiful too and look extremely elegant. This white wrap dress from Silkfred is the perfect piece for warmer weather when you want to stay covered up.

Speaking of keeping covered up, the advice your mum gave you growing up is worth heeding: balance out your outfit by displaying either your cleavage or your legs, never both. I definitely feel a bit too exposed if I wear a spaghetti-strap top and a mini skirt. There's nothing wrong with this look but it's not one I feel comfortable in, so I always wear a top with a higher neckline if I'm wearing my hemline is shorter.

Having your chest covered up is unlikely to make you overheat as long as the top is made of a thin, breathable fabric, but if you're unsure, go for the longer hemline instead, as at least you can flap your skirt about to create a breeze if you get really hot!

Finally, I'd recommend a pair of classic slides in a neutral colour for this time of year. They look much more chic than flip-flops but serve the same purpose, as well as being more comfortable since there's nothing rubbing between your toes. Dune and other high street retailers do some fabulous Hermes dupes so that you can get the look for less.

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