How to Style Floral Dresses for the Summer

Patty's Kloset
by Patty's Kloset

This lookbook is going to be featuring floral dresses. The minute the weather starts to get warm, I automatically think about dresses, especially floral ones. I feel like they’re perfect for that nice warm weather, and they’re super easy to style. A dress is great to wear for the summer because it’s a no-fuss outfit, all you have to do is throw on some shoes and maybe some accessories, and then your outfit is done.

How to style floral dresses

Slitted maxi

We’re starting off with this black maxi-length dress with a floral print in pink and nude colors. I love that this dress is off the shoulders and has a slit on both sides. I always want my dresses to have a bit of personality, and those little details give it just that. This maxi dress is one of my longer dresses, so I like to pair it with a pair of high shoes; here, I’ve gone for a pair of brown platforms. I’ve finished the look off with a round wicker bag which adds a textured element to the look.

Basic floral dress style

Daisy bell

Next up, we have a dress with a little daisy print. It’s a little playful on the bottom, which I love, and it’s also off the shoulder and has bell sleeve styles. I wanted to create a more dressed-up look with this outfit, so I started off by adding a belt to cinch in my waist. I chose a white belt which helps to pull out the white pattern of the dress. For shoes, I added a pair of white strappy heels to coordinate with the belt and the print of the dress. I like that they give you the option to lace them all the way up to your calves or just around the ankle. For the bag, I’ve added a small pop of color with one in mustard yellow.

Styling floral dresses

Flowy fun

This dress here is completely sleeveless. It’s almost a bit of a halterneck style as the straps go up closer to the neck, so you’d have to wear a strapless bra with it. The dress is very flowy and what I love about it is that you could belt it if you want, or you could leave it loose, so it kind of gives you two different options for two different styles. For this look, I’m leaving it as it is because I wanted to create a more dressed-down, comfortable look. I’ve paired it with a pair of white sneakers and have added a pink cross-body bag. This outfit strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style.

style floral dresses for spring

Two-print trend

This dress has a mix of floral print with stripes, and I love the combination of two different prints together. It also combines two different styles by having both spaghetti straps as well as off-the-shoulder sleeves. The dress has buttons all the way down, and you could wear it with jeans and just button it up to the waist, so it’s great that the dress has that option as well. I’ve paired it with some flat sandals in purple; I feel like the pink and the purple match perfectly. I’m wearing the same pink bag as the last look, but this time over the shoulder.

style floral dresses for summer

Wonderful wrap

I saved the best for last; this one is my favorite. This dress is a wrap style; I’m a big fan of this style as I feel that it fits my body shape very well. For shoes, I added a pair of flat white mules that have a gold buckle as I wanted to create a dressed-up look but with flats, and these shoes work perfectly. I also added some accessories - a chain necklace and a hairclip. To finish it off, I have a fishnet bag in a nude color.

I hope that you like the outfits that I put together. Dresses are perfect for the summer. Because they’re the centerpiece of the outfit, they’re super easy to style, all you have to do is throw on your favorite accessories, and you’re done. Of course, floral prints instantly give off a cheerful summer vibe, and they really are a no-brainer.

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