Disney Bound [AGAIN!] 2021 Outfits

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by Berta Lily
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I know, I know.. WE ARE SPOILED! But what can I say? I like to travel and ever since my daughter has been old enough to enjoy Disney world, I've got the bug! And you know, we have to arrive in style with our matching outfits since I'd have it no other way.

First, we need some outfits for Hollywood Studios! last time we wore Star Wars inspired outfits so this time we decided on Toy Story. My daughter is now obsessed with Toy Story as well! Buzz an Pizza Planet just go hand in hand don't they?

Once in a while my husband will join in on the fun and wear a matching outfit with us to, I guess he was a fan of the "I'm Trashed" Forky shirt (get it?) luckily, the bean also has a Forky shirt (obsessed with Toy Story! for real)

P.S. do those shoes look familiar? I painted Minnie and Mickey heads on them (see past post for details).

My daughter decided that she didn't want to be in photos for Hollywood Studio's so she stood 5 feet away from us like she didn't even know who we were 🥴

Our shoe games is almost as strong as our snack game!

Next stop, Animal Kingdom! You might remember in a previous post, I sowed some Minnie ears onto my hat? Well I did it again! I also got this hat for the babe and my shorts at Old Navy so the pattern is the same! For my Mother's day gift, my husband got these adorable Mama and mini shirts!

Even though I love the matching shorts, I also have these really cute shoes from Target with leopard spots. the two patterns will clash so I would wear black shorts instead if I go that route, Not the worst idea to have options!

I ended up getting my mom a matching shirt for the trip too and made her a matching hat so that all the girls were styling!

Last stop, EPCOT for their Flower and Garden Festival! So I figured.. flower power! Why not, flower head band, flower shirt, flower shoes? And a little yellow to break it up.

Another option in case little miss is in the mood for a dress instead :)

Everyone was jelly of our matching game and decided to join in on the yellow fun!

Suggested materials:
  • Toy Story t-shirts   (Target)
  • Mama & Mini   (Amazon)
  • Flower shirts and or dress   (Target/ Old Navy)

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