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I recently thrifted a hoodie on an app. It was a size large which meant it was oversized on me. I know some of us love the oversized style but I am a little over it so I decided to thrift flip the hoodie and totally change its style. I am so excited about this new cropped hoodie that I get to add to my wardrobe!

Tools and materials:

  • Pattern
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Seam ripper
  • Rotary cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
DIY cropped hoodie

Use a pattern 

To kick off this thrift flip, I placed the pattern I used over my hoodie. Although the sizes look similar, the hoodie was a size large and the pattern was for an extra small. I would be cutting the bottom, the sides, and a bit of the sleeve. 

Easy cropped hoodie

Remove the pocket 

Using a seam ripper, I removed the ribbing from the bottom of the hoodie and removed the pocket. 

Open the side seams

Cut the hoodie 

Next, it was time to open up the sides of the hoodie. I could choose between the sophisticated work of a rotary cutter or a seam ripper, and I, of course, chose to waste my time working with a seam ripper. 

Use a rotary cutter

I laid the pattern piece over the hoodie and started cutting using the rotary cutter and ruler to get the best possible results. 

Cut the sleeves

I also cut the sleeve a little to get a better fit. 

Cut the pocket

I noticed that the front pocket was a little asymmetrical. Being the perfectionist that I am, I cut to make sure it was straight. 

Pin the center

Reattach the pocket 

I then pinned the center of the pocket. 

Make a cropped hoodie

I pinned the center of the hoodie as well. 

Mark the height

Next, I grabbed a ruler and marked the height of the pocket minus the seam allowance. 

Place the pocket along the line

I placed the pocket along that line, making sure the centers matched up and then I sewed the top of the pocket on. 

Mark the sides

Next, it was time to sew down the sides. I used a vanishing ink pen and marked the sides of the pocket. I then marked a second line to help me sew on the pocket. If you want to see exactly how I did this step, go to 3:15 in the video tutorial. I then topstitched the sides and top of the pocket. 

Cut the cuffs

Adjust the sleeve cuffs 

I decided that the sleeve cuffs could be a little smaller, so I cut with my rotary cutter.

Sew the cuffs

I then sewed from the cuffs, down to the waist. 


Reattach the ribbing 

Next, I had to reattach ribbing to the bottom of the hoodie, Before I could do that, I had to do a little bit of quick math to determine how long my ribbing should be. I first went ahead and measured the waist of the hoodie which came to 47cm (18.5 inches). I wanted the ribbing to be a little smaller than the waist so I subtracted a 1/4 from 47cm. This gave me a 35.25cm (about 18 inches). 

Cut the ribbing

I added my seam allowance and just went ahead and cut that ribbing. 

Cropped hoodie thrift flip

I put my pins in place and sewed the ribbing together. 

Mark the center and side points

To attach my ribbing perfectly, I marked the center of the hoodie and the center and sides of the ribbing as well. 

Pin on the ribbing

I then placed the ribbing over the hoodie and pinned through both layers to hold the piece in place. 

Sew on the ribbing

Finally, I could go ahead and sew all the layers together! 

Sew a cropped hoodie

Isn’t it just perfect? Now, this is a hoodie I would wear! I would love to hear your thoughts on this thrift flip! Share in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Pattern
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
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  • Nancy Bemboom Nancy Bemboom on Sep 23, 2022

    Great job with this change! It looks wonderful on you.

  • Bet ! Bet ! on Sep 24, 2022

    What a good idea ! Now I know what to do with some tops a friend gave me . They are a bit too big for me to wear as they are ! Thank you !