The Fancy Sweatshirt

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Hello Readers. For today's project I wanted to dress up this sweatshirt, so that's what I did. This is an easy and fun project for any sewist.

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with this sweatshirt. This shirt was just plain and simple which means it is easy to refashion. Any sweatshirt will do.

As you can see my youngest was very excited about this refashion project. Maybe more excited than I was.

To make a fancy sweatshirt you will need some trim. I had these super crazy short ruffled floral shorts. I could not put them on my my middle aged mom body but I could cut them up for parts. I cut the outer ruffle off the floral shorts. I also had some black floral ribbon in my sewing stash. I thought they would make a great combo.

You might have a different kind of ruffle or trim to add to your sweatshirt. It doesn't really matter what the trim is. Play around with some lace or ribbon you have. In my case the ruffle got attached with a zigzag stitch to the bottom of the sweatshirt. I used the ribbon to cover the cut edge of the ruffle.

The inside view might be helpful to see. I cut the waistband because I wanted the waist to be a little loose. If you look close you can see the zigzag stitch I used to attach the ruffle and ribbon all at once. I just made sure the cut edge of the ruffle was under the ribbon as I stitched.

I also cut the wristbands off the sleeves and added some ribbon at each sleeve to dress the sleeves up a little.

I hope you can use some pretty trim and ribbon to dress up a sweatshirt in your closet. Use whatever you have on hand and have fun with it. Thanks for reading along.

Suggested materials:
  • Sweatshirt   (My closet)
  • Trim   (On-hand)

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