How to Make Your Own Zip-Up Hoodie From Scratch

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Want to make your own zip-up hoodie? Great! I’ll be showing you how to make one! I’ll also be sharing with you my zip-up hoodie sewing pattern.

You can adjust the pattern to make your DIY hoodie bigger or smaller. So, get your materials together, and let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Zipper
  • Fleece-lined jersey
  • Ballpoint sewing needles
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Chalk or marker
  • Matching thread
  • Zipper footer (optional)
DIY zip-up hoodie sewing pattern

1. Draft your pattern

For reference, I’m making a DIY hoodie that’s a size M for men. You can, of course, adjust the length and width as we go along. 

First, make a large rectangle that measures 10cm x 44cm (3.93x 17.32 inches). This will be for the middle part of the hoodie. 

Drafting the zip-up hoodie sewing pattern

Next, measure out the side panels; Create a 32cm(12.59 inches) vertical line. Then, measure 22cm (8.66 inches) across (going left) and 5cm (1.96 inches) up.

Connect the 5cm (1.96 inches) line to the beginning of the 22cm (8.66 inches) line (angled). Then, create two shorter lines than the hood itself and connect these lines by drawing a curve.

Measuring the zip-up hoodie sewing pattern

For the back, draw a 56cm (22.04 inches) wide line. In the middle, measure 65cm (25.59 inches) high, and at the top, a 16cm (6.29 inches) line. 

As shown, the sidelines are 36cm (13.77 inches) tall, which will connect to the top line. Lastly, draw some freehanded curves for the armholes on either side. 

Zip-up hoodie sewing pattern piece

The front pieces are basically the back piece halved. However, mark 4cm (1.57 inches) down from the neckline and 3cm (1.18 inches) from the shoulder and connect the two with a slight curve. 

Tip: Be sure to add plenty of seam allowance. 

How to draw a zip-up hoodie sewing pattern

Draw a 10cm (3.93 inches) horizontal line and mark 72cm (28.34 inches) down. Make the bottom 30cm (11.81 inches) wide.

From the top, mark 25cm (9.84 inches) down and use this point also to measure 25cm to each side. Connect this to the bottom points with a slight curve. 

Zip-up hoodie sewing pattern pieces

These are all the patterns you need for the DIY hoodie. Note that the side front pattern has a slightly lower neckline than the back piece. 

Cutting out the pattern pieces in fabric

All the pieces are cut twice except for the back and middle parts of the hood. Cut your pieces accordingly, and let’s start sewing. 

Sewing the hood for the hoodie

2. Sew the hood

Connect the two side pieces with the middle part to create the jacket's hood. All pieces are sewn right sides together. 

DIY zip-up hoodie tutorial

This is how it should come out. 

Pinning and sewing the hood outer edge

Fold the outer edge twice, pin, and sew. 

Attaching the front pieces to the sleeves

3. Sew the sleeves

Next, attach your front pieces to your sleeves. 

Attaching the back pieces to the sleeves

Attach the back pieces to both sleeves. 

DIY zip-up hoodie ready to sew

You should now have this star-shaped piece of fabric. 

Pinning the inseams and side seams

Close the sleeves by folding the piece in half, matching both sleeves sides together. Sew along the underarm seam and sides of both front and back pieces.  

Attaching the hood to the hoodie

4. Attach the hood

Pin the hood to the DIY hoodie, ensuring both pieces’ centers align. Then, sew to secure. 

Measuring elastic around the wrists

5. Add elastic to the cuffs

Place elastic around your wrist and cut to size; you’ll need two. Sew the short ends to create a loop. 

Folding the fabric over the cuffs

Place your elastic on the wrong side of the fabric and fold the edge over to create a tunnel, simultaneously hiding the raw edge. Then, sew the edge of the fold. 

Hemming the DIY zip-up hoodie

6. Hem

Hem the bottom by folding it over once and hiding the raw edge inside. This will be a channel that measures 5cm (1.96 inches) wide. 

DIY hoodie pocket pattern

7. Add pockets (optional)

You can also include pockets at this stage; here are my measurements pictured above.

Cutting out the pockets

Cut it out twice with a 2cm (o.78 inches) seam allowance. 

Hemming the curved edge of the pocket

Hem the curved edge.

Placing the pocket pieces on the hoodie

Place pockets to the bottom of the DIY hoodie, folding all raw edges inward. 

Measuring the pockets

Double-check if they are even. 

Feeding elastic through the bottom casing

8. Add elastic to the hem

Cut elastic, so it’s shorter than the hoodie, and feeds it through the channel. 

Sewing elastic into the hem

Sew a straight line on either end. 

Sewing the zipper onto the hoodie

9. Sew the zipper

Separate both zipper halves and attach to each side of the hoodie, right sides together. Use a zipper foot if you can. 

How to make a zip-up hoodie

Topstitch along the full zipper. 

How to sew a zip-up hoodie

Fold the hood edge over the zipper and sew. 

Trimming the excess fabric behind the zipper

Cut out the excess fabric behind the zipper. 

Lining pattern pieces for the hood

10. Line the hood (optional)

You can line your hood by cutting out more hood pieces and attaching them. 

Lining for the hood

Attaching the hood lining to the hoodie

Then simply attach this to the inside of your hood. Fold all raw edges over and sew along them. 

How to make a DIY zip-up hoodie

Folding the bottom over

Lastly, fold the bottom over and attach it, too. 

DIY zip-up hoodie

Make your own zip-up hoodie

How to make your own zip-up hoodie

I hope you enjoyed my DIY zip-up hoodie tutorial and that you’ll create this for your next DIY. I love the look and feel of it, and it’s surprisingly easy to do. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Suggested materials:
  • Zipper
  • Fleece-lined jersey
  • Ballpoint sewing needles
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