How to Sew a Shower Cap in 10 Minutes

3 Materials
15 Minutes

For those occasions when you want to have a quick shower without having to dry your hair for half an hour, comes this beautiful shower cap! Yes, you can buy disposable ones instead, but they rarely fit anyone’s head as they should.

This DIY shower cap will fit your head perfectly

This one is neither too loose nor too tight since it’s designed for your hair and head. It looks classy too, so you’ll love having and using it.

Prepare the fabric

Cut a square 21 inches long out of waterproof fabric. Fold it in half so it forms a triangle. Make sure the right side is inside the triangle. Fold it in half again in the same manner. Do it one more time.

Focus on the corner that has the folded edge on one side and the raw edge on the other. Use the tape measure as a pair of compasses and mark a curved edge ten inches away from that corner.

Cut through all layers along the curved edge. Unfold the fabric completely and use it as a pattern to cut out a piece of lining.

Cut through all layers along the curved edge. Unfold the fabric completely and use it as a pattern to cut out a piece of lining.

Finish the cap

Set the lining fabric over the main fabric with their right sides facing each other. Stitch around the circle as close to the edge as you can, but leave a small gap unstitched. Turn the fabric through that opening and press it.

Topstitch around the circle with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Pay attention not to sew the opening shut.

Use a safety pin to thread a 21 inches long strip of elastic into the opening and around the circle. Secure the opposite end so it doesn’t go into the opening. Overlap the ends of the elastic and join them with a zig-zag stitch. Push them into the opening on the fabric and sew the opening shut.

You’re officially ready for hotel room showers, trips to the spa, or even some water gun fights with your little ones, the cap has got you covered! If you have a bit of extra time and sewing zeal, take a look at our other articles for inspiration.

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Suggested materials:
  • PUL fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • 1/4" wide elastic

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  • Emmawilliams1 Emmawilliams1 on Jun 28, 2022

    Been around a long time.....What is PUL fabric? i don't shampoo my hair everyday, don't think necessary unless working out and sweaty, etc., Buy shower caps and you are right, they are very small..Thank you for the short instructions...!!!!