Need a Quick Fix for Your Brows? I've Got the Answer Here!

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

I have to be honest, I was one of those who over plucked their eyebrows in high school and my eyebrows never grew back icon I had my brows microbladed a couple years ago but due to covid I haven't been back to get them done since. I'm a mom who is always on the go and I needed to find a quick way to fill in my brows when I have very little time. Here is my quick fix to filling in your brows with limited time!

First, you will need a brow pencil. My favorite is the e.l.f. brow pencil in Taupe. You can use any pencil that works for you. I've found this one to be very inexpensive, only $3, and works wonders on my brows.

Next, you will need to outline your brows with the pencil. I usually draw a light line where the shading from my microblading was and go from there until you can make a complete outline of your brows.

Lastly, fill in your brows using small brush strokes that go in the same direction as your brow hairs. If you hair is growing up, then draw upward. Do this last step until you have filled in your brows completely. For me, this whole process takes about 1-2 minutes and its such a game changer when you have a small amount of time to get ready.

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  • KimofCoventry KimofCoventry on Jan 18, 2022

    I feel naked without my brows. Love the elf pencils too. I go over mine with brow gel or they tend to disappear in the heat. elf has that too. You have beautiful eyes.