The Perfect Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Eva Pautov
by Eva Pautov
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In this hair tutorial, I’m going to show you the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle.

We’re going to be creating a half-ponytail loose fishtail braid that is twisted at the top. Let’s jump on in!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair elastics
Tying half-ponytail

1. Tie half-ponytail

Start by tying your hair in a half-ponytail with an elastic. Don’t tighten the elastic right up to your head.

Flipping ponytail

2. Flip ponytail

Part your hair above the elastic to create a gap, and then flip the ponytail up and through the gap to create a twisted look.

Tying half-ponytail

3. Tie half-ponytail

Now, take your half-ponytail and add more hair to it to tie another half-ponytail just below the first one.

Flipping ponytail

4. Flip ponytail

Like before, flip the ponytail through the gap above the elastic.

Making fishtail braid

5. Make a fishtail braid

Proceed to braid your half-ponytail with a fishtail braid, securing the end with an elastic.

Pulling on hair

6. Pull on hair

The final step is to gently pull on your braid to make it more voluminous.

The perfect Bridesmaid hairstyle

The perfect Bridesmaid hairstyle

Here is the finished loose fishtail braid. This was so straightforward to create, and I think that it makes a gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle - let me know if you agree in the comments below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair elastics

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