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Kaitlyn Cacopardo
by Kaitlyn Cacopardo
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If you’re looking for fun braid hairstyles for the summer, I have a really unique look to show you that you won’t have seen before.

We’re going to be braiding the hair and then combining smaller braids into larger ones.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair ties
  • Clip
Making first braid

1. Make first braid

Part your hair down the center and make a French braid using the top of your hair on one side.

Stop when you get halfway down.

Making second braid

2. Make second braid

Clip up your hair at the top on the other side of your head so it’s out of the way.

Make a French braid with the hair on the side of your head, and stop when you get halfway down.

Joining braids

3. Join the braids

Now join the two braids into one by combining each strand from one braid with the correlating strands of the other one.


4. Make third braid

Unclip the hair at the top of your head, and now braid that halfway down your hair. 


5. Make fourth braid

Proceed to braid the hair that’s on the side of your head on the opposite side to the braid you just made.

As you can tell, we are mirroring what we did with the first two braids. 

Joining braids

6. Join the braids

Now combine those two braids into one.

Braid hairstyle for summer

Braid hairstyle for summer

Here is the finished braid hairstyle. I love the symmetrical appearance and how one braid at the top wraps over the over.

I also love how the braids on the top and the sides join together to create the larger straight braids.

Give this hairstyle a try and let me know what you think!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair ties

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  • Judy Talone Judy Talone on May 05, 2023

    Sorry ,but you should go ahead and put the rest up in a braid or tail ? As you say it’s summer , as far as her complaints 😂 ! Momma that’s a kid , I did hair over 50 years,I had grown women complain getting a haircut.