A DIY For The Top Everyone Is Wearing

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior
2 Materials
30 Minutes

I've seen this style of top on so many women recently.

And I'm excited to share that it's super easy to make!

Let's Start with any basic top...

It needs to have a full back in order for this project to work.

The only other materials you'll need are some fabric scissors and of course, your sewing machine!

You can also do this project without a sewing machine if you substitute each stitch with some fabric glue instead.

Fold the shirt in half so that the side seam is facing upwards.

Cut an arch out of the entire back of the top.

Roll hem around the edge of this arch on the top.

Use the piece that we just cut off to create two long strips of fabric.

Fold these fabric pieces in half and stitch along the long edge of these strips.

Flip the tunnel inside out.

Fold the edges of the short open edges inward and stitch closed.

Place one end of each strap behind the center back of the top.

Straight stitch each of them into place.

Put the top back on and tie a bow in the back!

Hope you enjoy this easy project!


Ms. Melior

Suggested materials:
  • Basic Top   (Second-hand store)
  • Scissors   (Craft Store)

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