Bra Making The Easy Way - DIY Lace Bra Refashion

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Bra making doesn’t alway have to be hard. Granted, there is a lost art in lingerie making, but most of us don’t have the skills to whip up a sexy underwire bra after a busy day.

A bra refashion on the other hand, cuts a few of the tedious corners, recycles what you already have, and gives the rest of us the opportunity to make a sexy little DIY lingerie piece in a matter of minutes. That is why for today’s DIY, we’ll be bra making the easy way via a quick and simple refashion.

This DIY is crazy easy, takes less than an hour to complete, and only requires a handful of supplies. Since this post contains shoppable affiliate links, you can collect everything I’ll be using on Amazon and get making right away.

Bra Making Supplies

1/4 Yard of Thick Black Lace

An Old Bra (preferably black)

No-Sew fabric Glue

Black Thread

Binder Clips

Black Satin Ribbon

Bra Making Steps:

First, you are going to remove the cups from your old bra. Cut them out with basic sewing shears. I’ve been using these ones

for years now and still love them!

Completely remove the cups and throw away. You won’t be needing those anymore.

Next, wrap the underwire of the bra in satin ribbon (this one is on sale)

and secure with fabric glue and binder clips until it dries.

Flip the bra over so the backside is face-up. Cut out a section of lace so it fits nicely in the cup. Be mindful of your cup size and stretchiness of the fabric so you can have a good fit when you are done.

Once your lace is cut out, squeeze some fabric glue directly onto the underwire and press into place.

The final step is to hand sew the top of your lace to the end of your bra strap.

The binder clips should hold everything in place while the glue dries and be ready to wear in a few hours.

Ta da! Now isn’t that bra a little sexier, a little more festive, and a little more fun?

Pair it with any black panties, some thigh high stockings, and you are all set for Valentine’s Day!

How did yours turn out? Let me know in the comments below!

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