How to Make a Cute DIY Jean Bralette Out of 2 Pairs of Old Jeans

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I just love sewing and making magnificent transformations. In this tutorial, you’ll see how I make a DIY jean bralette from an old pair of jeans. This upcycle video is so fun and will teach you a thing or two on how to make a jean bralette.

I’ll be making this bralette two-toned, using two colored pieces of denim that I have on hand. I can’t wait till you see the results, so let’s get this DIY project underway!

Tools and materials:

  • Denim pants
  • Seam ripper
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Bra or bikini top of your choice
Cutting the waistband off the jeans

1. Cut the waistband

Go ahead and cut off the jean’s waistband. 

Cutting and seam ripping the belt loops

Also, you can either cut or seam rip the belt loops as well. 

Using a bra to trace the pattern

2. Trace the pattern

Next, take a bikini or bra (preferably one with a triangular cup), and trace the shape onto your jeans. 

How to make a denim bralette

Using the first pattern piece for the second

Cut out the triangle and use it as a guide to make the second triangle. 

Pattern pieces for the denim bralette DIY

Here are all the pieces! 

Seam ripping the waistband

3. Seam rip the waistband

Grab one of the waistbands and seam rip it apart (only do this to one of them). This could take a while, so put on your favorite playlist as you seam rip away! 

DIY denim bra tutorial

4. Assemble the waistbands

Once it’s unfolded, lay it down flat and place the other waistband inside it. However, don’t place it all the way; you want to achieve a layered look. 

Sewing the two waistband pieces together

Now, sew the edges together. 

Making an easy DIY bralette out of jeans

This is what the new piece of fabric should look like. Also, you probably won’t be able to sew all the way to the ends as it gets pretty thick, but that’s ok! 

How to make a jean bralette

5. Make a dart

Now, take your two triangles, and sew a dart on them so that they fit your bust area snugly.

Measuring darts for the DIY jean bralette

Lay the fabric on your bust and pinch the bottom center to bring in the fabric by however much is needed. Then, pin this marking. Repeat on the other piece. 

Folding the bust pieces ready to sew

Fold the bust piece and sew a little triangle, as shown. 

Cup for the DIY jean bralette

Here’s the result! 

Pinning the cups to the bust band

6. Assemble the denim bralette

Now, pin the bra pieces to the band. I pinned the cups ½ an inch away from the ends. 

Sewing the DIY jean bralette

Sew the bust pieces to the waistband carefully. 

Hemming the raw edges of the bust pieces

7. Hem the bust pieces

Go ahead and hem the bust pieces. I actually should have done this before, as it would have made things easier. Simply fold the raw edges, pin, and sew. 

Cutting out the seam to make straps

8. Make the straps

Use the seam of the jeans for the straps. These are the perfect width!

Making straps for the DIY jean bralette

Then, attach them to the top part of the cups. 

Measuring the size around the bust

9. Take in the waistband

Now, put on the DIY denim bra and see how much you’ll need to take in the waistband. Pin this area and head on over to your sewing machine. 

Sewing the band for the DIY jean bralette

Sew a simple straight stitch across the waistband, as shown. 

DIY jean bralette

DIY jean bralette tutorial

Here’s the big reveal! This easy DIY bralette is super cute, though maybe a bit revealing to wear out in public!

Also, I feel this is a great upcycle on jeans that you will probably trash. So, why not make better use of the fabric and turn it into something trendy? I hope you enjoyed this DIY jean bralette tutorial, thanks for tuning in. 

Suggested materials:
  • Denim pants
  • Seam ripper
  • Measuring tape
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