This Sexy DIY Leather Two-piece Set Was Made From a Thrifted Skirt

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Fashionable girls are wearing leather this season in unexpected ways. I took a long leather skirt from the thrift store and made it into a DIY leather two-piece set.

While you may not have or get the exact same leather skirt, I’ll show you how to make a two-piece outfit. Here’s some leather inspiration for you.

Tools and materials:

  • Long leather skirt
  • Scissors
  • Well-fitting top
  • Sewing machine with a heavy-duty needle 
  • Pins
  • Marker

I wanted to make a DIY two-piece outfit out of this long leather skirt. I decided to make a miniskirt and a crop top. You will need a heavy-duty needle that is suitable for sewing two pieces of leather together.

How to make a DIY leather miniskirt

1. Cut the skirt

This skirt has sewn layers so making a miniskirt was so easy. The skirt fit beautifully at the waist so that made it much easier. All I needed to do was cut off the bottom portion of the skirt.

The finish on this particular skirt meant it was already hemmed! That’s the first piece of the 2 piece outfit done!

Tracing a tube top for the leather crop top

2. Make the top

I made the top from the larger bottom portion that I cut off to make the miniskirt. I laid my own well-fitting top to serve as a template. I didn’t pin or mark the leather. I simply eyeballed it and cut the leather.

Pinning the center seam ready to sew

I turned the leather inside out and pinned the center seam together. I sewed this center seam together using a straight stitch. 

How to make a two-piece outfit

Then I folded it so the right sides were together and sewed up the other side. Because I didn’t measure it, the top was too big.

Marking the areas that need to be taken in

I marked the areas that were too big and pinned them together. I sewed them down using a straight stitch.

Pinning darts into the crop top

They look like extra-long darts and I think they add so much character. 

DIY two-piece outfit from a leather skirt

I strengthened the top part by adding the reinforced hem across the top line of the top. Pin them together and sew on the wrong side.

Braiding strips of leather for a strap

3. Make straps

Ok, so I learned there are certain things you can’t do with leather!

I wanted to have spaghetti straps for the top and cut thin pieces of leather to make into straps. No matter what I did, or the tools I used, leather doesn’t convert well to thin spaghetti straps. 

Instead, I decided to cut very thin strips of leather and braid them together. I wove 3 strands together using a heavyweight to secure the start of the braid.

Sewing the straps to the top

Once they were braided, I sewed down one of the straps from front to back. To create drama and interest, I placed the second braid on the diagonal in an exaggerated Y shape by fixing it to the other strap.

How to make a two-piece set

DIY leather two-piece set tutorial

From this long sort of dowdy skirt to this hot sexy two-piece set! I think this leather two-piece set looks fabulous! Please let me know what you think in the comments.

DIY leather two-piece set

Straps or no straps? I really want to hear from you! 

Suggested materials:
  • Long leather skirt
  • Scissors
  • Well-fitting top
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