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The ballet wrap is a classic piece and can be versatile to wear. A workout top for yoga, a casual cover up post workout, or for just a top for the day. Even as a dressy occasion depending on the t-shirt you use (embellished sequins, metallic knit, etc.) In this tutorial I show you how to create this look with an XL t-shirt.


DIY instructions:

Begin by removing the bottom hem for binding. keep about a quarter inch above the stitch.

Cut the shirt all the way up the middle and on each side to the underarm.

Remove a portion of the back bottom. Make sure to measure where you want it before cutting. Add an inch to keep for hem allowance.

With the excess back panel, cut 2 strips for the tie around the waist. Pull the strips to create strings.

For the front side panels cut from the back to the outer corner.

Remove the front of the collar by cutting a diagonal slant towards the edge.

Using the former hem as binding, attach it right sides together to the back collar and sew right sides together.

Now sew the binding right sides together along inner panel edge. Use a zig zag stitch and sew along the edge about 3/8 inch. As you sew you can light tug ONLY the binding. You can top stitch with a double needle for a more professional looking hem (optional).

When you get to the end, sandwich a strip in between the binding and raw edge.

It should appear like this when done...

Flip wrong side out and adjust the side and arm seams to fit you. Pin and sew using a zig zag stitch.

Remove excess.

Pin and sew the bottom hem to match with your back and binding. Use a twin needle and sew 1/2 inch hem allowance. For tips on finishing your knit edges like a pro go here.

That's all that went into this look. Now go make one in every color.

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  • Averil Douglas Averil Douglas on Feb 01, 2023

    Looking at the instructions, if I was to cut the front piece straight up the middle from bottom to neck I can't see how the finished front pieces reach from side seam across what is the middle cut to the other side seam. Can you please let me know as I'm confused. Thanks