Turn a Walmart Towel Into THIS for Summer! 😎 🀯

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw

Hey everyone! Welcome to my upcycle beach towel tutorial. I’m going to show you how to take an ordinary beach towel and turn it into an adorable shirt or cover-up.

Grab an old towel or pick up a cheap one at a discount store and let’s get started!

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Measuring towel

1. Measure and cut

Measure the length you need to get from the front of your waist, over your shoulder to the back of your waist. Then measure that length on the towel and cut off the rest.

Cutting towel

Find the center and cut out a circle large enough to fit your head through.


2. Sew

Now cut four pieces of ribbon at about 6 inches each. Sew a ribbon to each corner.

Tying the ribbon

3. Wear

Pull the towel on, putting your head through the hole. Tie the ribbons back ribbons together at the front of the body, and the front ribbons together at the back.

DIY towel top
DIY towel top

Upcycle beach towels into a cute beach top

You can use this as a cover-up after a swim, or just wear it as a fun summer shirt. Can you believe how easy that was to make? Leave me a comment and let me know how yours came out.

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