5 Unique Ponytails You Can Easily Make With the Topsy Tail Tool

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Have you ever used a Topsy Tail tool? It’s the easiest hair item to use and takes your ponytail goals to the next level of wow! I’m going to show you various Topsy Tail styles and a step-by-step guide on how to use a Topsy Tail! Are you ready to see my top 5 ponytail Topsy Tail hairstyles? Let’s get stylin’.

Tools and materials:

Tying hair in a ponytail

Topsy Tail hairstyle 1 - Wrap

If you want to hide your elastic, then this is a great little hack! Put your hair up in a ponytail, as shown. 

Wrapping hair around the elastic

Now, take a section of your ponytail, and wrap it all the way around your ponytail. 

How to use a Topsy Tail

Leave your ends out. Then, take your Topsy Tail tool, put it right above your ponytail, and insert the ends through the loop. 

Topsy Tail hairstyles to try at home

Then, take the bottom of the tool and pull it down, and that will pull your ends through, too. Tighten up your ponytail, and you’re done! 

Ponytail secured with a Topsy Tail

This is way better than trying to use a bobby pin! If you’re looking for easy topsy tail hairstyles for long hair, then this is one of them! 

Leaving hair out in the front on both sides

Topsy Tail hairstyle 2 - Twisted

For the next tutorial, leave some hair out in front on both sides, as shown. 

Tying the back of the hair into a ponytail

Then, tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail at the back. 

Inserting hair into the Topsy Tail

Insert your Topsy Tail tool above your ponytail. Next, take one section of hair from the front and insert it up and through the loop. 

Pulling hair through a ponytail with a tool

Then, take the bottom end of the tool and pull it down. 

How to use the Topsy Tail hair tool

Repeat the same process on the other side. 

Pinching and pulling hair

Using a mirror, you can make your hairstyle a little less formal by pinching and pulling some hair strands. 

Topsy Tail hairstyle

Tighten your ponytail and you’re done! This is one of my favorite topsy tail hairstyles! It’s so chic and unique, don’t you think? 

Leaving front sections of hair out

Topsy Tail hairstyle 3 - Twisted over

Doing the exact process as the hairstyle mentioned above, leave your front sections out and tie the rest of your hair at the back. 

Easy Topsy Tail hairstyles for long hair

Instead of inserting the Topsy Tail tool right above your ponytail, put it a little on the side of your head, as shown.

Pulling hair through the sides

Using the smaller topsy tail tool, insert your front, loose section through the loop and pull the end of the tool through the bottom of your head. 

Tying the ends with a clear elastic

You can also take the sections that you pulled through and tie them with a clear elastic. 

Topsy Tail hairstyle with hair at the sides

Here’s the result! So stunning! Inserting the tool in different sides of your head gives your ponytail a totally different look. 

Braiding hair in a three-strand braid

Topsy Tail hairstyle 4 - Braided ponytail

With loose hair, do a regular three-strand braid down the middle of your hair. Then, stop at mid-point and tie your hair with a clear elastic. 

Inserting the Topsy Tail tool into the braid

Starting from the left side, take the topsy tail tool and insert it through your braid, as shown. 

Pulling hair through the braid

Take a section of hair from the right side and pull it through the loop. 

How to use a Topsy Tail with a braid

Then, pull the tool from its bottom end. 

How to use a Topsy Tail hair tool in a braid

Now, put the tool on the right side of your braid, through one of the gaps on the braid, take a section from your left side, and repeat the process. 

Pulling the Topsy Tail through the braid

Repeat the process, working on alternate sides as you go along, all the way down the braid. 

Creating a French braid with a Topsy Tail

You can either do a bigger braid and do this step on your whole head or do it like me, with half a braid.

If you’re doing it like me, when you’re done pulling through the sections, tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail, and tie a section around the elastic, just as I showed you in the first hairstyle. 

Braided Topsy Tail hairstyle

That’s it! You have yourself a lovely braided upstyle look. If you like your hair messier or looser, then be sure to loosen some strands. 

Easy ponytail Topsy Tail hairstyles

Topsy Tail hairstyle 5 - Ponytail flip

This is one of the easiest topsy tail styles. Start by tying your hair into a loose ponytail that sits low. 

Pulling the while ponytail through the tool

Put the tool above your ponytail, and pull your ponytail through, upward. 

Using the Topsy Tail to pull hair through

Then, pull the end of the tool through the bottom. 

How to do a ponytail with a Topsy Tail tool

This is super simple, and it took literally 10 seconds!

Topsy Tail tool tutorial

So there you have it, five incredible and versatile Topsy Tail hairstyles in a matter of minutes. Let me know if you found this tutorial helpful and which was your favorite ponytail in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Topsy Tail tool
  • Hair elastics

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