How to DIY a Cute Twist Hair Band

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Twist hair bands are quick and easy to sew and make great gifts too.

Handmade hair accessories are stylish and on trend. Beginners will enjoy making these and more advanced sewers will find them fun to decorate in a variety of ways. You don't even need a sewing machine, they're quick to hand sew too.

Tools and materials:

  • Non-stretch woven fabric
  • 1 inch wide elastic
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Large safety pin
  • Sewing machine

1. Cut fabric

Cut three rectangles from your fabric:

  • Two 18 inches (46 cm) by 6 inches (15 cm)
  • One 11 inches (28 cm) by 2.75 inches (7 cm)

Cut a piece of elastic about 5 inches (14 cm) long.

Sewing strips

2. Sew strips

Fold each rectangle in half lengthways and sew the long open edges.

Inserting elastic

3. Insert elastic

Use a safety pin to turn the smaller strip right side out. Finger press the seam flat.

Inserting elastic

Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic and feed it through the strip.

Stitch across the short ends of the strip, securing the elastic in place.

Making bands

4. Make bands

Turn the larger strips right side out and finger press the seams.

Fold one larger strip in half widthways and sew the short ends.

Making bands

5. Link bands

Feed the second large strip through the circle, keeping both pieces flat. 

Linking bands

Fold the second piece in half widthways and stitch the short ends.

Attaching elastic strip

6. Attach elastic strip

Place the elastic strip on the linked bands, right sides together.

Line up one short edge of the elastic strip centrally with one short edge of the bands. 

Attaching elastic strip

Fold the sides of the band over the elastic strip and pin.

Attach the other end of the elastic strip to the second side of the band in the same way. Sew the ends securely.

Trimming seam allowance

7. Finishing

Trim the seam allowances. 

Finishing twist hair band

Tuck the seams inside the band.

Completed twist hair bands

Completed twist hair bands

Twist hair bands

Fabric hair bands are always popular and this is a cute hair band that looks good with many hairstyles. Try making the main strips deeper for a completely different look.

These are sized for adults, but you could easily resize them to fit a child. I'd love to read what you think about them in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Non-stretch woven fabric
  • 1 inch wide elastic
  • Pins
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