How to Easily Do a 1950s-Inspired Vintage Ponytail

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Hey, everyone! Today, we’re throwing it back and going old school for this quick and easy 50s-inspired vintage ponytail hairstyle. Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Clips
  • Curling iron
  • Brush
  • Teasing brush
  • Hair pins
  • Pomade
  • Hairspray
  • Comb
  • Faux ponytail
Curling hair back and under

1. Curl your hair back and under

For this look, you’re going to use your favorite curl method. I’m using my good old curling iron and just rolled everything back and everything under and secured it with clips.

Brushing through the curls

2. Brush through the curls

Take out all of the clips and give your hair a quick, light brush through.

Sectioning hair into a U shape

3. Section hair into a U-shape

Now, take a teasing brush and use the end of it to section off the hair in a giant U-shape. If it resembles a little bit of a V, you should be fine as well. 

Pinning up the section

Pin up the section you separated before moving on.

Brushing the remaining section

4. Brush the remaining section into a ponytail

Take the rest of your hair and brush it up into a high ponytail. Tie it off right behind the hair that you just sectioned.

Applying pomade

5. Tame flyaways with pomade and hairspray

To tame any of your flyaways, use a pomade. Even if you’re using a lighter-weight pomade, make sure you’re not using too much of it because it can lead to a very greasy look. If that’s the look you’re going for, that’s great, but otherwise, avoid it.

Applying hairspray

Set into place with hairspray.

Backcombing the front section

6. Backcomb the front section

Take down the front section and comb it to the side. 

How to do a vintage-inspired ponytail

Then, in sections, backcomb on the front side of the hair instead of the back because you want the hair to lay more forwards than backward. Backcomb right at the base. Hairspray it.

Easy 1950s hairstyle

7. Comb over the outside and the ends

Next, take your teasing brush and lightly comb over the outside of the hair.

Brushing through the ends

Hold on to the ends and brush right through them so the ends are nice and smooth.

Pinning the curls

8. Pin the curls

Next, take the curls at the end and squish them up into the divot, or bend, that’s in the hair.

Pinning curls in place

Place bobby pins into the curls to secure.

Fluffing and fixing curls

9. Fluff and fix the curls

Use your fingers to fluff up any curls. If there are any gaps, you want to get in there and massage them closed. Just make sure you like the way the bang looks. 

How to do a vintage hairstyle

If you need to pull it over a little more, take your finger and pull it slightly.

Curling and brushing a faux ponytail

10. Curl and brush your faux ponytail

Now, we’re going to magically grow our tiny ponytail into something longer and fuller. With a faux ponytail! Go ahead and curl and brush it through before wearing.

To get a ponytail that matches my hair color, buy a platinum one and make sure the hair is dyeable. Usually, it’s human hair grade that’s dyeable. You also want to ensure the hair is heat resistant, giving you many more options with styling. You can use hot rollers, foam rollers, and curling iron. 

Applying pomade to the ponytail

11. Apply pomade to the faux ponytail

The curling and brushing can lead to some static and flyaways in the hair so put a little bit of pomade on it as well.

Twisting the ponytail

12. Twist the ponytail

Gather the ends up and twist them around your finger. 

1950s ponytail tutorial

A lot of 50s ponytails were more uniform, so you want it to look a bit more like that.

Putting the ponytail on

13. Put on the ponytail

There’s a little comb on the ponytail, so that comb is going to stick right into your ponytail. 

Wrapping the velcro around

Then, wrap the velcro section underneath your ponytail. It’s going to wrap up and around the ponytail. Keep wrapping the hair around until it covers up all of the velcros.

Pinning it down

Pin it down so the hair doesn’t unravel there.

Placing a comb under the ponytail

14. Place a comb under the ponytail

Sometimes the weight of the faux ponytail can pull your actual ponytail down, so take a comb and just lift the hair and place the comb right underneath all of it. It just gives it a bit more support and a bit more height in the actual ponytail.

DIY vintage ponytail from the side

Vintage ponytail

Vintage ponytail tutorial

Here’s the finished look! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s 50s vintage ponytail hair tutorial. Let me know down below what you think of today’s look and if you own faux hair as well. I’d love to hear about your experiences. 

Suggested materials:
  • Clips
  • Curling iron
  • Brush
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