Quick and Easy At-home Waxing Tutorial for Total Beginners

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Hey guys! I’m so excited to give you a waxing tutorial to show you how to get smooth body skin.

I was really nervous to start waxing at home on my own, but I’ve got a great routine going. I have less ingrown hairs, my skin is smoother, and my hair grows back thinner than it used to.

I use the Tress Wellness waxing kit. You can find it on Amazon.

I recommend getting a waxing kit like this one if you’re a beginner. This particular kit is very beginner-friendly. They provide you with instructions that take you through the process step by step.

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Tools and materials:

  • Waxing kit
Tress Wellness waxing kit

There’s a pre-wax spray and a post-wax spray that you spray over the area before and after.

The pre-wax spray cleans and moisturizes your skin, preparing it for a good wax.

The post-wax spray will smooth out your skin and get rid of any residue that’s left over from the wax.

You’ll also get a variety of wax melt beans in different scents. The kit will also come with applicators that look like popsicle sticks. There are thinner ones for the eyebrows and thicker ones for the body.

The kit also comes with a wax warmer.

Heating wax

1. Prepare the area and heat the wax

Turn the wax warmer to the recommended temperature and add a package of wax beans.

Put on the cover and let it melt until it has a smooth consistency. 

Prepping skin

Prepping skin

While it heats, spray the desired area with the pre-wax spray and wipe it dry.

Applying wax

2. Apply the wax

Use the applicator to gather some wax and apply it to the skin, covering a manageable-sized area.

Let it dry. This will only take a couple of minutes. You can touch it to determine when it’s dried.

Removing wax

Once it’s dried, you just pull it off and the hair comes off with it. 

Waxed area

Your skill will appear brighter when you pull off the wax because it is exfoliating dead skin cells.

Continue and repeat the steps of the process until you’ve waxed the entire area.

Cleaning skin

3. Post-wax clean-up

Once you’ve finished, use the post-wax spray to clean and hydrate the skin.

That’s all it takes. Now you can marvel over your smooth and gorgeous skin.

Smooth waxed skin

Waxing tutorial

Can you believe these amazing results? Now you know how to get smooth skin on your legs, arms and anywhere else you want to wax.

You won’t have to worry about ingrown hair, and you’ll be able to wax less frequently than you had to shave.

Best of all, the hair that grows in will be nice and thin, unlike hair growth post-shaving.

The benefits of waxing versus shaving make any discomfort you might feel well worth the trouble.

The truth is that once you get started and get quicker at ripping off the wax, you’ll find that it really doesn’t hurt at all.

Give it a try and leave me a comment to let me know how your waxing journey goes.

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Suggested materials:
  • Waxing kit

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  • Ramona Ramona on Mar 10, 2024

    I have a wax pot but have been afraid to use it on my body. I use it for waxing my nostrils. 😬