Super Chilly Day Wear

Sarah East
by Sarah East

It is chilly outside! But you don’t have to look frumpy. Here are 3 cute, layered, and warm outfit inspirations for these super chilly days upon us. Christmas presents perhaps? Check them out!

Outfit number one!

I scored this black denim jacket at a Ross out of town. I literally gasped when I saw it. It’s distressed with these little silver ball embellishments. I LOVE it! And it’s so versatile! I’m sporting this over a second hand olive green knit sweater I picked up at a garage sale, as well as a second hand scarf. My denim is from oldnavy as per usual. I’ve got to have those tall inseams. My shoes are everyday, that’s what they are called, nikes. They are super sporty and comfortable. Absolute staple to my wardrobe now. Check out these links and you can recreate this look for yourself😉❤️

denim jacket

olive sweater



Outfit number two!

Let’s start by saying I love the color of this sweater. Burnt anything and mustard are my favorites. These fall colors are to die for! I picked up this sweater last year at target. It’s so cute meets frumpy. Like what Steve Martin tells Goldie Hawn not to wear in “The House Sitter”, and oh so cozy. My jacket is so classic, it is made by Levi’s, in the boyfriend cut. I picked it up off of Zappos. It’s super nice quality, very warm, and I think it going to last me a really long time. I love it! My black denim is from oldnavy and my doc martens were a gift from my husband on Valentine’s Day. I love doc martens! You truly get what you pay for with these shoes. They are going to last me forever. Again, check out those links to recreate this look for yourself 😄❤️

levis jacket


doc martens

And last but never least outfit number three!

second hand sweater. Second hand jeans. Second hand necklace. Secondhand, secondhand, secondhand. Just goes to show that you can dress cute and fashionable and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. All you need is style! My vest is from oldnavy, it’s so warm a cozy. It’s a total staple too, I have had this thing for years. My shoes are sk8 high by vans. They Are super cozy and fun to run around in. They give kind of an edgy meets sporty vibe that I like. Check out these hyperlinks to create a similar look for yourself. 😉





and that wraps up my three super chiller day outfit inspirations. I hope you saw something that you like and that you are keeping warm on these super chilly days. Have a happy holiday and stay tuned for my next post, Christmas style! See you next time ❤️✌️

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